How to take screenshots from an Android phone

Recently had a friend ask me what this procedure is. There are standard ways of doing it and there are non-standard ways. You could go to the Play store and download a screenshots app like it’s 2007 or if you have a Samsung device you have options of the karate chop where you swipe your palm across the screen to take a screenshot.

The most standard way of doing things is holding the power and home button together. If your phone doesn’t have a home button like most are, then the capacitive touch home key applies.

Or you could use Volume Down+Power Button as is the case on most Huawei, Sony, Tecno/Infinix, Alcatel and many other smartphone brands

@encheze, Same method also applies for LG smartphones in the case of takeing screenshots, and i am proud to say i own one, the LG G2

Finally a LG user. LOL. Nice to know. LG G2 is a good device.

This is a thing to be celebrated! They exist!

LGs are good devices… Even though some look ugly.

They have inner beauty.

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Lol…ati a karate chop :smile: Anyway…for HTC phones the power and volume down button does that.