How to stop videos from autoplaying on your Twitter timeline

We all use Twitter, ok most of us do. One of the new features that have come to Twitter this ending year is the ability to add short (30 second) videos to tweets. We have become so used to the feature that it now seems like it has always been there. You can catch that hilarious moment when Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe, a quick round-up of the day’s business news by CNBC Africa, that stunning Yaya Toure goal in the Barclays Premier League, the infamous Mugabe fall and more.

A few months after Twitter first introduced videos, it made another change that made some of us mad: video & GIF autoplay on the timeline unless you choose otherwise in the settings. Here’s how to reverse that in three simple steps.

  1. Go to your Twitter account settings
  2. Uncheck ‘Video autoplay’ and hit ‘Save changes’ button
  3. Confirm the change you’ve made by keying your password when prompted to
  4. It’s done!