How to stop those annoying LOTTO SMS texts

Yes, we’ve all subscribed to some of them at one point or another in our lives, the ‘get rich quick’ schemes comprising of mostly betting and lotteries. The mobile phone has made access to these ‘get rich quick’ gimmicks relatively easy but there comes a point and time when one just gets tired of placing those loosing wagers and bets and just decides to opt out and move on but something still remains, THOSE ANNOYING PROMOTIONAL TEXTS from the betting/lottery companies still being sent to your phone.

As you can see my spam SMS box is filled with promotional texts from various companies but to me the most annoying of them all are the betting and lottery texts from betting companies. (I use the old True Messenger App to filter and separate company promotional texts from individual texts, the newly integrated truecaller app just doesn’t do this that well)

Normally to stop Promotional/Spam text from being sent to your phone one just needs to dial * 1005# for Safaricom prepay or * 2005# for Safaricom postpay to unsubscribe from these kinds of texts but on doing so you wont find any betting/lottery companies listed there for you to unsubscribe.

The second method of stopping these annoying texts is by replying to the promotional text with the word STOP but this method also doesn’t work, instead you get an error ‘Message not sent’.

This prompted me to google for a way to stop these texts and i was immediately directed to the mylotto web page with this solution

Now here is the thing, in this day and age where one can easily opt out of a promotional email by clicking a llink or out of a text by dialing a simple USSD code LOTTO has a long way to go. (or maybe they just want to keep sending us those annoying texts in the hopes of wooing us back into the game… eeerr no)

Long story short, i found a way of deactivating those annoying betting/lottery texts. The trick here is DO NOT DIRECTLY REPLY to those annoying texts with the word STOP as this will only bring back an error message thus not work, instead, go to your messaging app and CREATE A NEW TEXT MESSAGE. Enter the recipient number with the short number you used to subscribe to the company in the first place i.e. for LOTTO use 79007, for MCHEZA use 29888, for SPORTPESA 79079 etc.

And there you have it, no more annoying betting/lottery company promotional messages. Hope this helps someone out there.

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