How to Remove LinkIs from your tweets

This article is done with the sole purpose to save humanity from the global disaster that is Linkis.
Linkis has been responsible for marriage breakups, depression, people lacking valentine’s dates and many other bad things. So it needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Just like any app or service, annoying or otherwise on Twitter, you will need to authorize it before it can be allowed among apps that can do things in your Twitter account. Permissions include but not limited to tweeting on your behalf, following other people and tweets that have Linkis links on them.

Now to remove these annoying apps like Linkis and Communit, you need to head over to your Twitter on the desktop.

Click settings > apps

Then revoke access to these and any apps you do not actively use. It will save lives. As shown in the below screenshots.

Revoke access to any apps, starting with Linkis and Communit.