How to keep your awesome Spotify Discover Weekly playlists for good

This is for the Spotify users.

What sets apart Spotify from competitors like Apple Music are the many user-created playlists. They are awesome. Thanks to those many playlists, algorithms that can correctly predict what you like based on your listening habits on the service are now able to come up with everyone’s favourite Spotify feature: Discover Weekly.

Every Monday Spotify users get a new set of 30 awesome songs based on their listening habits. According to Spotify, every user gets a distinctly unique playlist and no two users ever get the same content delivered to them every start of the week and songs are never ever repeated.

The problem: every Monday when a new set of songs arrives on your Discover Weekly playlist the old set disappears. To nowhere. And you will never ever get it again. Since we all love our music, there are several ways to make sure we retain the music Spotify recommends every week while still leaving room for more. One is a tedious method that involves the use of third party apps that you may need to pay for which I will go into another day. Another is an easy route: using the tried and tested IFTTT recipes. So here’s how to make sure your previous week’s Discover Weekly playlist is archived every Monday just before the new one is served up:

  1. Go to and log in to your IFTTT account. If you don’t have one then create it, it will take you just a few moments to do so.
  2. Go to the Spotify IFTTT channel
  3. Sign in to your Spotify account - you’ll be prompted to do so anyway. Authorize the link between your Spotify account and the IFTTT channel
  4. Use any of these three recipes [1, 2, 3] to archive your Discover Weekly music

This will still work fine if you do it from mobile using mobile apps (Spotify and IFTTT’s).