How to Find Mpesa App on Xiaomi Smartphones

Hey, I just bought Xiaomi Redmi 5A on Jumia, but I can’t get m-pesa app. Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Its there When i bought my redmi i wasnt finding it but its there .

Open the tools folder on the homescreen ,then scroll to the bottom you will find it there find attached screenshots for reference.


Thank you, got it!

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cool :+1::+1:

@kmwiti27 would be a good idea to mark as solved. The person who started the thread is able to see the checkbox to mark which reply was the solution.

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I would also like to add that, in case MIUI doesn’t show notification while screen is locked, don’t cry ati ooh Xiaomi sucks :joy::joy: go to installed apps on settings and disable MIUI battery saver.

One way to know that something sucks is getting people out out of the woodwork defending it, na hakuna mtu ameraise issue.


:joy::joy: siitetei, I hate it by the way. Just predicting that there will be such topics with people buying Xiaomis lately :joy::joy::joy:

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In case your battery life is suspiciously long, you can pin blame on MIUI optimizations, which also break your notifications (even when battery saver is disabled).


Come on guys, MIUI is not bad. It just needs patience before you get everything working well.

Xiaomi is a great brand by the way, apart from the average camera and complicated MIUI, its hard to find a company which offers value for money like they do. and they are very active on forums by the way, throwing beta roms to users every now and then, kwanza Redmi note 4 SD users. Got a ka redmi note 4 lying around and yesterday after I saw gsmarena say there is new update to Xiaomis, i checked to find MIUI 9.5 ready to install.

I havent been using it much cuz google assistance was not talking back to me and they were separating whatsapp messages. with 9.5 stable, notifications and other minor bugs are fixed but google assistance bado. Stopped using it as a daily driver since it doesnt support band 28 LTE. But I have never experienced issues since I picked it up last year. Though that metal back is extremely slippery. For anyone with issues about notifications, dig into settings, utapata solution.

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The Xiaomi Mi A1 is amazing.

Xiaomi + STOCK Android is a dream. Consistent updates and we are guaranteed to get Android P when it comes out.

Over 24 hrs battery life with 5 hrs screen on time (SOT). This is with Safaricom 4G signal, WiFi connection all day long & 60% brightness.

The camera is subpar as always with Xiaomi phones but not an issue here since I rarely use it.

No band 28.

EDIT: Welp, March update just arrived. :blush:


Wow! I don’t think this Bluetooth headset battery indicator was there in the previous MIUI version… But it’s awesome :ok_hand::raised_hands:

I have the SD variant of the Note 4 and it comes third to awesome ROM support, official or otherwise to my previous, mod-able devices (ZTE Blade back in 2012 and G3 in 2014/15). I have also come to accept MIUI feature set, which, unfortunately go missing if you move to a ‘poorly’ skinned device.
The only thing I can complain about is its bad camera, which is why I need to figure out how to restrain resources in my wallet for a better device in the coming days. That camera is bad I lost count the number times I have lost good shots.
Xiaomis, save for the Mi Note 3 and Mi 2/2S, are bargains for people who do not care about camera performance and software shortcomings (or pluses depending on who you ask coz quite frankly, default app cloning, theme support, a sea of tiny settings to mess around with are subjectively good).

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yeah, its very shitty for such a good phone. I also hate the lack of NFC :disappointed_relieved: