How to delete your Uber account

There is this #deleteuber movement going on on Twitter over the last few days in the wake of Uber’s decision not to halt services at JFK Airport in New York as taxi drivers joined those protesting US President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Many have taken to social media platforms like Twitter to express their outrage and as a result they have been posting screenshots of themselves actually deleting the Uber app from their smartphones in the letter and spirit of the #deleteuber campaign. There are numbers to even show that this is working.

But wait a moment, deleting the Uber app from your smartphone does not necessarily mean that you have deleted your account on the ride-hailing service. That process is a bit different and a little lengthy as you will see below.

This is not enough:

This is what needs to happen:

Here’s how to go about deleting your Uber account the proper way if for one reason or another you’ve just had enough of the service (in my case I just decided to experiment - also I am a little pissed at how their support team is slacking of late - and maybe give Little Ride a second chance after my unsavoury first experience. I know I’ll be signing up for Uber again soon but at the moment, let’s see how it feels like being in the wilderness for a while).

1. Open the Uber app and tap the Hamburger menu (that ☰ is what we refer to as the Hamburger menu - they come in all shapes and sizes - because, well, it looks like one, doesn’t it? :slight_smile: Tap Help.

2. Click on Account and Payment

3. Click Account Settings and Ratings

4. Scroll down and select Delete my Account

5. Type a big YES where it asks you to confirm if you really know what you are doing. Bonus points if you are interested in telling Uber why they should be sad to see you go.

6. Summon all your strength and press SUBMIT

#ThatIsAll. Done!

Bonus step:
7. Realize all this really sucks and re-install Uber :laughing:

lol,whoever deletes that app and closes his/her account just has issues,serious issues lol