How much of the Telkom 4G4Free bundle do you typically use?

I used to think that this 4G4Free bundle was a hoax but I stand corrected. I cleared my data usage today morning and did nothing but stream videos for a while. I noticed that this wasn’t enough to squeeze this bundle dry so I started saving YouTube videos offline until I got this (bottom) message…

Here’s proof of the data I’ve used today.

I jumped to my data usage and I’m surprised to see that I actually have downloaded at least 1GB of data on the 4G4Free bundle. Some of my subscribed bundles got eaten in my downloading frenzy but nothing too alarming - I had to finish caching the YouTube video anyways. I’m surprised that the Telkom warning message came hot on on he heels of the 4G4Free bundle getting used up (within seconds.) Guys, what’s the maximum amount of this bundle you have been able to eat up in a day so far?


Can I ask why you prefer Opera Mini to other browsers such as Chrome or the main Opera app?

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I have used about 51.2 MB of the 4G4Free. I bought the 40MB at 19 then used the phone for a short while then stopped to do other things. When I came back to my phone, I found that my bundle was finished and I could not access the 4G bundle.

I gave up on this thing. They told me to buy a 4G phone to enjoy the offer :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Easy! Opera mini is so fast compared to all fully-fledged browsers. The thing is that it compresses all sorts of data including pictures, audio, videos, and yes, even adverts! Another great feature is that it has built-in ad blocking if you want no ads at all (I keep this off though because it slows Opera Mini down somewhat.)

Another thing that Opera implemented chini ya maji in the current Opera Mini is that they gave it full functionality if you choose to use it. If you set data savings to high as opposed to extreme, Opera Mini performs exactly the same as its big Brother.

Do you know a site called It basically tests how ready your browser is to support the latest website features. If you test Opera and Opera Mini on high data savings, they get the same score (about 502 points.) However, turning data savings to extreme in Opera Mini makes it a lot more docile with a score of about 250. To compare these figures, Google Chrome is the highest scoring browser at 518 points and Firefox scores 486.

FYI, Chrome and Opera are pretty much the same thing because they both use the Chromium open source engine. Chrome scores higher because of better optimization - - they do have more experience with the browser engine which Opera adopted like 3 years ago.

That’s hilarious. The agent must have been at their wit’s end. Maybe I get to use it all because of excellent cell reception. I think my phone has a really good radio because the 4G bars are full 90% of the time.

Are you primarily a Telkom user? If you are, I recommend the Holla premium bundle. For 50 KES you get 300 MB data, free calls to Telkom, free SMSes to all networks, and calls to other networks are charged 1.8 KES. All this is valid for 3 days! You do have to load airtime for calls though. The 50 bob is deducted on subscription.

FYI, I am always on holla premium and even if I have already exhausted my 300 MB, the 4G4Free bundle renews itself each day - - to their system I have an active data bundle simply because my Holla premium subscription is still active.

NOTE: If your phone loses 4G coverage, it will fall back to 3G and the 4G4Free bundle cannot be used over 3G. It therefore eats up your subscribed bundle and then airtime once the 40MB is finished. After that the 4G4Free is no longer available to you because you have no active data bundle.

Initially, it didn’t work for me , but now all is well. I’m in it for the curiosity. I’ve never exhausted my 4GFree because i got fibre from Zuku.

You are lucky. I can only use their 4G outdoors. They had escalated the issue and that was a response from their technical department. There was a video I shared somewhere of how 4G behaves in our area and I have shared the same with their support team. Currently, I’m waiting for feedback.

Peoples lives must be so great to only use 300MB of data valid for 3 days. I use 2x as much on IG alone - mostly during traffic jams.

And it always seems that smaller bundles run out faster than large ones.

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Yeah, 100 MB per day is not a lot now-a-days though it can keep you from going offline when you are out of WiFi coverage. If I limit mobile data usage I actually manage to go 3 days without buying any other data (sometimes I can use less than half the data.) I do, however, like this Holla Premium bundle because it’s not just data.

I never manage to use the free 4G bundle, just my daily limited bundle then my airtime. And I have a Telkom 4G site right on top on our office, and another one across from my house.

I think you have to be subscribed for the bundle and have a 4G sim.

I have a 4G sim, a daily bundle subscription and spare airtime. They usually utilize my airtime after they are done with the daily bundle

Have you subscribed to the 4G4Free bundle? Dial *544# it’s the first option. After that anytime you have 4G and an active bundle the browsing will be free up to 1 GB. Just make sure your phone doesn’t go to 3G because 4G4Free is only available on 4G.

Yes I subscribe to it everyday.

You don’t have to keep subscribing. Once is enough and then the bundle gets renewed automatically until the offer ends on July 15th or earlier. If you can’t get the free internet there must be some other issue.

Hawa Telkom watakiona cha mtema kuni. With this free data I have saved so many YouTube videos hata sijui nitamaliza kuwatch lini.

hii bundle the only time i enjoyed it was day 1

Now that the 4G4Free offer has been extended up to 31st August, is the experience any better than before?

The 4G4Free offer is still ongoing. How long does Telkom plan to keep it up?

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