How Much do you value your Watch?

We all love watches! You know, the bigger percentage does if you don’t!
Since Mobile Technology evolves almost daily many things have changed or are always changing. its a fact, we’re all used to always having our phones on us and that’s an easy way to keep time. However, should you really be relying on your phone for everything in this era? And you definitely don’t wanna be the guy always asking Hey there! whats the time? Well Watches are simply an essential feature of effortless coolness depending one’s reasons.
A watch is a must have at some point. Ever seen Obama or your favorite person; actor/musician/author/politician etc without one? I don’t think so.

Anyways, we’re here. What is the main reason that makes you wear your favorite watch and What do you look most into when buying a watch/smartwatch?


  1. A watch can be a form of “investment”. I bet you know how quick it is selling one.
  2. A watch is personal item like any other in your wallet.
  3. A watch is a timeless and functional precious accessory that can represent a man’s personality.
  4. A watch can have multi-functions such as Date & alarm of which we rely on day-to-day life


  1. Leather wrist or plastic wrist (for sports watch)
  2. I love white/gold/black dials and of course white ‘head’
  3. Less Noise (if you guys haven’t noticed, some watches’ dials make very annoying loud noises)
  4. Size (especially medium) have you ever seen these politician without an over sized watch on their wrist?

I prefer a black or dark brown leather strapped clean silver color watch, 42 mm and thin. I dont care whether its automatic or quartz. it should also have a “dates” options :sweat_smile: For smartwatches, I have never owned one but it should never have anything else other than real android wear… sio hizi ma china naonaga jumia na avechi za square :angry:

I have never owned any Android watch either! I find them less compatible with how I like my watch on my hands :sweat_smile: