How much do you spend on earphones/sets?

In the past one year, I have used Kes 6,000 just on earphones. All of them are originals by Samsung, and I happened to lose/spoil the first two. Then lately, I picked the AKG ones from a Samsung Store, which are serving me well but I’m certain they will meet their death soon, or get stolen by a relative.

Anyway, my point is that listening to music is an expensive affair that I can’t run away from.
How much have you guys spent on earphones, say in the last 12 months?

How much does the Samsung’s AKG earphones cost? I would like to try them out, I have been circling around Skullcandy, Awei, and TDK. I think I spend around 3-4k per year.

NEVER buy eraphones from samsung beacuse one ear will stop working after some months. I bought mine in January 2017 Sony earphones for 1250/= and they still work and I use them all day every day. I highly recommend Sony for logevity which is actually more important than anything.


:joy::joy: That’s enough to convince me otherwise. But am guessing they may have improved in sound department after acquiring Harman Kardon.

I have given up on earphones. I have tried so many brands and they all stop working in 2-4 months.

I use headphones these days. 4 months in and they are still working perfectly. My previous set lasted a year before one of the sides cracked.

Kes 3000, though they could be less now.

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This is because you let wax stick on the outlets. Always ensure they are clean. The wax blocks them.

Samsung earphones have always had very very good sound quality but my last pair lasted three weeks.

If its plastic then seek a plumber and borrow some plastic glue that they use to connect pipes and it will work like magic.

The problem is always with the cable and if you twist it then they start working again.

They still work. Nothing some duct tape couldn’t fix.

They are my backup pair now.

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man,duct tape always comes in handy with some of these earphones,i already got two working backup headphones patched up with duct tape,unfortunately i had to buy another headset for outdoor use.

So you end up partially deaf? Damn Samsung.

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Earphones are probably my biggest vanity expenditure. Ujaluo itaniua hapa. I absolutely cannot function without earphones. One side starts acting up or goes off, I’ll head off to my earphones guy and get a new pair immediately.

Currently, I’m using Awei TE55vi that I’ve had for about 3-4 months now. Typical use is about 6months+ unless otherwise. For about 700 bob, they are fairly good. Deep bass, kinda muddled midrange and a bit more ambient crackles and noise than I’d like but for the price, I can’t complain.

After going through so many brands over the years (JBL, Sennheiser, Awei, Sony, TDK) I’ve settled on the Awei TE55vi as the best at their price point. Comfortable, usable mic with music adjustment/volume buttons, lengthy enough and the crucially, a flat cable design. As well as having the 3.5mm jack curved at 90 degrees to prevent sudden jerking movements.

Now before I get more comments on how they’re probably knock-offs at that point, I know they could be. I’m fine with that. Considering even the more expensive ones have about the same shelf life and marginally better sound, I’m okay with the compromise. Also, my pockets are as deep as a plate.

As for headphones, I bought a cheap Ucom UC-9830 pair and it has lasted me close to 3 years. Perhaps not the same amount of abuse as it’s mostly for home use but it has fallen too many times. As well as tripping over it occasionally. Or the worst, forgetting you have them on and tryna walk away and getting choked the eff out…worst feeling ever

Someone share their experience on the pace headphones and earphones coz i am considering getting a bluetooth one for outdoor use…

Are these the original AKG earphones? I saw thought they were really expensive!

Pace earphones are really good. Look for a review I did on them on this forum a while back.

Thanks man,will check it out asap.

I have done review for both Pace products:

Pace Mate:

Pace Focus:

I think you are mad. Why are you spending so much money on earphones? I think it is complete waste of money.