How Much Do You Love Your Phone's Software?

Just out of curiosity, how many people actually enjoying the software that comes bundled on their phones? I mean, most people use Android but Android is different across manufacturers and even across different devices of the same manufacturer.
So, I want to know which phone you’re currently using, which version of Android it’s running and whether or not you love the UI and experience.

I’ll start, I am currently using a Tecno Phantom 6, running Marshmallow 6.0 and I hate the UI :unamused:

I currently use the Samsung A5 (2016), Android 6.0 and I generally like the UI.

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I love my android 6.0 on my Umi smartphone…

I’m currently trying out the Oppo F1s. The software is the worst. iOS wannabe. Going after the look and feel of the iPhone’s software without adding anything useful. I’m yet to meet anyone wholly satisfied with the software experience on Android. The reason we keep coming back to this is because most of the time the user is not in the picture when these UI decisions are being made. Rather it is the OEM’s selfish need to be different from the rest as well as push their own apps and services that always gets us here.

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I am using Infinix-N600 , Android 6.0

I like the pre-installed wallpaper. It changes every single day with a quotation

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currently using W10M and i love everything about it no bloatware at all

My Note 3 Neo hasn’t been updated from Android 4.3 since I got it in 2014. I have Lumia 640XL on Windows 10 Mobile and I like it. Waiting for a Nokia early next year.

Yay for a Nokia! There is something about Nokia that people who have had a mobile phone from 2008 relate with.

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LG G2 running 5.0.2. I love the UI. Though I don’t get why there are no updates since 2015

I have a pal who has a note 4. The phone gets soo many updates I get jealous


These flagships are becoming more expensive compared to a high powered computer.


You should try installing a custom ROM. I think the G2 actually has a Marshmallow ROM.

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Thanks @sarunibm I’ll definitely look for it

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I liked Vanilla Marshmallow on my Ulefone Vienna when I bought it. I have customized it extensively since and love it even more.

Pardon my language but I think they aren’t adding much in the way of user experience. They have just decided to go the Apple way (make a phone that can’t do much more than any other but charge an arm and a leg for it). These companies are profit-obsessed and they know people have become so superficial that they buy them just for pointless bragging rights so they milk them for all they’re worth.

Hate it. I use a six year old Samsung Galaxy 4 mini rooted and removed everythang! :joy:


:joy::joy: how long does the battery even last six years is loooong