How Knowledgeable are Customer Support? Zuku's Just Proved That They Mostly Aren't

It’s not the first time that someone has taken it to social media to complain about a technical problem with a product or service and the customer support gave a blanket, “switch it off then back on” reply.

Well, in this case, this wasn’t exactly the case but it’s close. So Zuku’s SSL certificate on their payments page expired on October 27 and due to this, users have been getting the ol’ “Your Connection is Not Secure” alert whenever they visit the page.

One user alerted the company via Twitter and the response he got from the Customer Support shows that the guys running the account had no clue what was going on. See for yourself:

This kind of naive response about a page that handles payments and very sensitive credit card information will be handled there. :astonished::astonished:

Despite being a terrible security practice, the solution given to the customer is technically sound. Zuku don’t do the payment processing so where is the risk?

Moot point anyway they seem to have renewed their certificate. See screen cap below.


This is just absurd and unethical when will we get to a situation where a company can be sued for such and pay for damages and costs

the solution is technically sound,the problem is it shows zuku and its payments partners dont take browser and payments security this day and age of hackers and data dumps,this is just pure recklessness by all parties involved.