How is your Mobile Banking app serving you?


Mine, NIC app, finds it easy to buy me airtime, borrow and pay mobile loans, move money to mobile money and back but won’t allow me to pay for my credit card bills without invoking an Mpesa Paybill number or trip to the counter.

Aren’t most Banking Apps more or less the same…
Basically created and maintained by the same vendor…

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I have four banking apps, NBK, KCB, CBA Loop and Equitel all of which are fine and serving me well. I used to have CooP Mcash and ukweli usemwe it’s trash, how do you charge people just to check their own bank balance smh, (other banking apps your account balance is open for you to see). I switched to Coop Internet Banking coz of that bull.

Personally i have two banking apps CBA loop and KCB app,both serve me really well and i am very satisfied with how they work and their functionality.I quit Coop bank a long time ago coz their MCoop Cash app is shit,they should borrow a leaf from CBA loop who have the best mobile banking app and web platform in my experience.They make it so easy to bank with them,everything is so transparent from depositing,transactions,statements e.t.c even account recovery.Oh and dont forget how awesome the CBA loop bank halls feel so nice,its like its a hangout joint with free drinks.

Only setback is they don’t accept cheques, that is a very good account.

A Bank that does not accept Cheques…!?

not forgetting the fact that navigating through the app(USSD and Android) feels like you need to complete stages of Temple run.

They haven’t launched an iOS version yet last I checked.

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KCB’s iOS app has not been working for years now. iOS folk who need to have a mobile app are forced to get a second Android phone if they don’t already have one. Been using internet banking.

Can’t do pesalink with KCB online banking, you have to use USSD. Not sure if the mobile app allows pesalink.

KCB internet banking is normally slow in the morning, like from 9 AM onwards, can imagine all the businesses transacting. It can take long to open a page or perform an action, e.g. when you request the security to login or to perform a transaction, the sms can arrive after the 2 min expiry time, it’s normally okay at lunch onwards.

Then at midnight onwards, when you do a transaction, it doesn’t get performed until morning, customer support says that accounts are being reconciled or something like that.

Then after performing a transaction using internet banking, you don’t get to see the actual remaining balance, it takes some time for the account to show the latest bal.

I use KCB primarily because they have good rates on their cards for online transactions when converting KES to USD or GBP. For local transactions, thinking of opening a Standard Chattered, they have a nice app with iOS support, but for international transactions, Standard Chattered doesn’t have good forex rates on their cards.

Currently using equity and loop, both work like clockwork, Loop s especially great with fixed mpesa payments saves me lots of cash since I have to mpesa mjengo wages every friday, Equity sucks because you can only send 35k max on mpesa per transaction, but paying kenya power is free to I keep it, both offer loans but equity are jokers with only one month loans, loop for long term loans are very good, overall their app wins.
I ditched stanbic last year their app is outdated and they charge to check balance last time I checked, they don’t offer mobile loans unless you have a payslip where they give you advance at crazy rates.

What bank?

They released another app recently. Supposedly done by Cellulant and it sure is :fire::fire::fire:.

The interface that is. Haven’t used it yet.

This is misleading. I’ve been using it for a good number of years. There are broken parts of the app like checking statements for over 3 months.

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Don’t know about you, but for the rest of us, it hasn’t been working for a long time. Look at the screenshots of the reviews in app store, and their dates. How long has it been working? Last time I tried it wasn’t, then a few months ago, I called customer support to ask if it is working, they said not yet, that they’re still working on it. However, I’ve seen that the last update they did on the app was about 3 weeks ago, I’ll install & test.

Look at CBA LOOP trolling me, I went to set a debit order and they tell me I can send upto a billion, usually the upto amount is your current balance, I checked my balance ASAP only to find my peanuts staring at me.


Mimi siweziambiwa hivyo!

Mcoop Cash removes Balance Enquiry Charge, FINALLY,

It should never have been there to start with…

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I heard that their CEO/upper management was the problem. Those dudes asserted that they can’t remove that charge cuz it brought around 300M in revenue… I am surprised they changed their minds but I vowed I can’t back to such a bank. Equity might have internal issues regarding theft, but they are very open to digital tech, unlike these *****!

300M in Revenue vesus loss in Potential Customers… Which could have translated to even more Revenue. Personally this is one of the things that put me off Cooperative. Now am Stuck with Equity

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