How is Telkom's network in late 2020?

I want to subscriber to Telkom’s 4k home plan but I do not know how their network is lately?

I have been using Airtel and it is absolute crap. Is Telkom better than Airtel? What are their speeds like? Congestion issues (full bars but slow/no internet)?


I’d say it varies a lot by location . Your best bet is to buy a sim card and trying out a smaller bundke before commiting to the 4k one. also be sure to test it out at different times of the day on both 3g and 4g to get a complete picture.


From my area Telkom is a total mess when you need it in between 7.00AM to 3.00AM the next day. Speeds are around 0.5mbps

But in between 3.00AM to around 7.00AM I get 20+ mbps meaning they’re just overwhelmed and unwilling to expand capacity or they don’t have the money to do so.

It’s been that way for a year now.


I agree,it mostly depends on location and time


I just came across this one twitter. Telkom are in the final stages of piloting a home fiber service.


They started with Gumba Estate that was in 2018. By the time they’re ready for mass market si watu watakua wame settle.

I’m sure watafuata bendera. Go where Safaricom/Zuku/JTL/Liquid are and try get a few subscribers :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: as usual with these companies.

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It’s interesting how big a headstart they had with fixed internet, back in the days of cabled landline, and now they are the newbies in home fiber.


And it was so affordable. I remember 3mbps was like 2,000bob on ADSL. But ilikua time time when most of us had no computers at home na simu zilikua mulika mwizi.


I have been testing out their network for a few days now and so far, it is much better than Airtel’s.

The 4G signal is strong in my house. I am consistently getting 3 out of 4 bars.


On the first day (Wednesday), the speeds were terrible. The tests were averaging 0.5 Mbps day and night (at 2AM). I was using the daily 200 MB bundle.

On Thursday, I purchased a Mzito bundle. The speeds have since improved.

I am consistently getting 5-7 Mbps during the day and 15-18 Mbps at night. I will monitor it further before commiting to their unlimited* home bundle.

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