How do you stop new smartphones like Huawei P10 from scanning fingerprints?

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I am due a upgrade i Am thinking of getting the Huawei p10 but I am put off getting a new phone because of the finger print scanners that are featured on nearly all smartphones now. I know there’s probably a setting on the phone where you can turn it off but I don’t trust that it will be completely disabled. Is there a way of completely disabling the fingerprint scanner or a easy way to cover it so it doesn’t work


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Trust the setting. Just delete all registered fingerprints or if you don’t have any, don’t register one. That’s enough. You can stick to the ordinary screen lock methods if you don’t want to use fingerprints. The sensor will not work if you don’t have registered fingerprints.


My biggest question is, why would you not want to use the reader?

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Using fingerprint to unlock a personal handheld device is kinda like leaving a tiny note of the ATM password in your wallet.

The phone itself is the first place they will find your fingerprint all over it?

You can ‘forget’ your password but you cannot forget your fingerprint. :slight_smile:

I use biometrics for convenience. I really don’t keep anything sensitive on my phone that I need to worry about anyone accessing.


I don’t think there is much to worry about fingerprint security. Unless you are too paranoid, to find a person who will mould your finger print for purposes of stealing info is rare. In any case you come to such a situation, then, avoid setting up the fingerprint at all and use a long password. Better yet, explore other ways of securing personal information.