How do you make your money online?

Hello Friends?
Hope you are all well and keeping safe. If you are like me who started social distancing way before it was cool pretty much have several income streams online. For the sake of those who just joined our little clique amidst this pandemic what are some simple ways to make a buck or big bucks on the internet?

Here is what I think would be easy to start on

  1. CPA Marketing- I like to focus on CPA ( cost per action) where you get paid for leads and trial signups
    It’s very easy to persuade people to do that.
  2. Affiliation - This is getting paid for driving qualifying purchases. Just join those with high commission rate. Anywhere from 15% is good. I normally choose to market services as the cut is better up to 50/50 cut.

What would you suggest?

This works well for those with a sizeable following and ability to connect with their followers.
This is the reason writing assignments and freelance jobs becomes an easier entry level for most, because it usually requires a dedication for the process and research to get things done.

That said, if you have a good number of followers, you can start affiliate selling, doesn’t come without risks however, as you need to get a good balance between the entertainment that brought people there, and selling.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing and MaxBounty’s CPA marketing and some bit of Adsense for CPC/CPM.

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There’s no easier way to make money online in Kenya than academic writing. I know, ooh dedication, ooh account, oooh that :rofl:, nothing comes easy ooo :grin:.

Only that most public universities in Kenya don’t teach people how to conduct proper online research using research standards. So watu hutoka campus ka hawajui ata MLA ni nini, something a highschool kid majuu anajua.

On a serious note, academic writing at noob level is a real job, better than (to be safe) 50% of all jobs in Kenya. :grin:

Can you guide beginners :joy::joy::joy:

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:smile::smile: I’m currently not training. But tafuta Facebook page inaitwa Academic Writers (original)… Something like that, utaget trainers.

Not Everyone is Good or will be Good in Academic Writing. And Not Everybody has Passion for it.

If you want to Start Affiliate Marketing or CPA, I recommend Learning.

First of a Way to Get Traffic or Use Paid Ads. After Learning is when you Implement. If you need any Furrher Help, You can Ask. I have abit of Experience but am not a Pro.

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Affiliate marketing you’re good if you get aggressive on SEO. Otherwise ADS won’t be that effective. As for CPA marketing, ADS play a huge role. When studying about it nilikua naona watu pale YouTube university someone pumping over $10,000 per month and gets a profit of almost 100% naona siwezi choma pesa hivyo until I met a Kenyan that pays KES 20,000 daily on CPA marketing.

Gave it a try nikaeka ADS on Google. Then I selected country, which I was targeting - The United States. Halafu nikaona ka recommended option and selected it (marked in red).

Used StatCounter to track all the clicks kwa website. My friend, 99% of those clicks ended up being a waste. Watu wa India, Pakistan, Mayanmar, na sijui.

Asked Google about it wakasema that option will sell your ADS to people that have expressed interest about your keywords regardless of the location you’ve selected. Instead, I ought to have selected the second option.

Relegation nilikula :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Freelancing is the way to go i guess. Identify the set of skills you have, be it singing, painting, web development/design and register yourself on Freelancing Websites to showcase your work. Youll find a bunch of websites like fiverr etc.

Data analysis and visualization.
Bot programming.
Web scraping.
Mobile dev using Flutter

Brings anything from 200K (low season: October to February) to 700K per month.


Of the 4 which contributes the largest chunk

I agree, we need to take these jobs from Filipinos and Indians. We have already conquered academic writing

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I know of some guy who’s a technical writer. Wiki inaisha kama jamaa ako $3000+ Sahio that’s just one project amefanya.

Though the technical writers are few. If we can get a good number of guys transition to technical writing, economy inaeza songa mbele faster faster.


My personal approach - invest in SEO. But that is not the only option to make money online.

I think the easiest one was mentioned above by other guys - content and academic writing.

These days native speakers can get money from this while you can provide a good price. Cometition in this is high but for sure you will find your spot. Especially if you know how to write good content

Data analysis contributes upto 50%. Mobile dev brings in the lowest and has higher overheads in time, testing, project revision, out of scope tasks, deployment etc. Also has the lowest pay: work ratio, i.e you can work on a $5K mobile app project for upto 8 months. Web scraping contributes about 20% and is the easiest; sites to be scrapped are usually the same: crunchbase, angelist, linkedin, Ebay etc for which scraping scripts are already available. In most cases all it takes is to provision a $5 linode instance or AWS lambda, upload script and change a few lines. Web scraping has the highest pay : work ratio, a 10 minutes job can bring in $100 or upto $300 for more complex or in demand jobs like a sneaker bot.

I’ve tried selling pictures on shutterstock. It’s very easy to setup an account and the pay is quite good. So if you road trip a lot or just travel in general Shutterstock is the way to go.

Agreed. What’s your take on membership sites instead?

For better results I use Solo ads, the conversion rate is close to 100%. I personally like buying ad spaces from publishers themselves and not through third parties. You just identify your niche and find a blog or blogs related to that niche then buy ad spaces from the owners themselves. The price is way down. You could get front page space maybe 720px x 90px for $200 pm with maybe 800k unique visitors every month

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Yes, CPA Marketing and Affiliation are the best strategies to make money online. Other methods that are well worked for the working online or working at home are:
-Language Translation
-Social media Management

I haven’t still earned from Online, But one of my friend launched a website and updated articles under various categories such as Health, beauty, technical and etc. Then, he applied for Ad-sense and got the ad-sense approval. Now, he is getting some revenue from it.