How do you know the email used to purchase app on PlayStore using your bank card? Potential Fraud


My brother has this evening received a notification this his Mastercard was used to purchase an App on PlayStore. The app costs 200bob.

However, it’s not him who has purchased the app and on Google’s purchased apps history the app does not appear. In fact, he has never purchased an app on PlayStore.

Probably someone has got hold of his card details and was testing to see if it works in readiness for something detrimental.

The question is, how do you get hold of the email that used your card to make a purchase on PlayStore?

Card deactivated as now as he awaits the statement. Shida yake, he stopped using smartphones sasa kwa mulika mwizi.

UPDATE: Helped him to fill this form.

Yeah, that form is the best solution… For now. He/she can also ask Google politely which email address used the card :smile:… Maybe they will respond

Google will only offer assistance if his current e-mail (what he’s using on GMS) is linked to the credit or debit card in question. Other than that, there’s little to no help that they can offer. Best solution is to get the information from the bank associated with the card, as devices tend to leave a digital footprint and the bank statement may reveal the e-mail address that charged the transaction and maybe even the IP address of the device that’s involved in the purchase.

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Problem solved: The fiance is the culprit but the mistake is not hers. Brother linked her email on his Adsense account. He also linked his bank card in the Adsense account. So, she purchased an app and didn’t bother to check the card details. After all, she knows her email is linked to her bank card but it did not have money at the time of purchase and Google displayed the alternative card ya bro.

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