How do y'all handle backup

Let’s talk backup. We all know we should backup our stuff but more often than not we only remember this when the shit hits the fan and it is too late. My current setup is just CrashPlan backing up my laptop to a USB hard disk that never leaves home that I connect most nights.

On the phone side, I’ve got google photos doing its thing, SMS backup and restore with nightly gdrive backups (Still have texts from my first android phone in 2011 :grinning: ) and titanium backup with weekly gdrive uploads.

So do you backup and how do you do it?

I do my backups on two fronts,most important documents(legal documents,work documents,personal documents) e.t.c,copies are backed up on the cloud and on my external hard drive,Copies are zipped,encrypted and password protected then uploaded to One drive and Google drive,TV shows,movies and series,interesting videos and any huge files are backed up on my external hard drive and some videos on onedrive and google drive.I hardly do SMS backups,contacts are backed up on Google,Google photos does great for my photos.MPESA statements and Other Bank statements are automatically sent to gmail so they are available on Google drive.I keep nothing on my USB flash drives unless i am moving stuff.My Entire Music Collection(Discographies,Albums and Singles) are stored on my external hard drive and on my Google Play Music account so i can access at any time i want.I am working on an external Plex Media server hardware solution that will keep all my digital media and allow me to access it at home and remotely over the internet.My notes i take and keep them on Evernote basic which i also use as a diary and planner through,syncs on PC and phone.

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All important documents and photos I backup to Google Drive. I still haven’t gotten a text message that had to be backed up but for important information I record phone calls and save them on the home PC. Also I like taking notes which I do with Google Keep (saves to Google Drive.) That is where I also copy-paste any text messages that I could need later. Movies, music, and not-so-important photos also reside in my home PC on a dedicated 2TB backup hard drive. WhatsApp to Google Drive but I do it just because it’s in the settings. After all, there’s not much value in silly videos and photoshopped nonsense. I also backup all pins, passwords, other access codes in an encrypted archive in the cloud.

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Sounds like that’s what password managers are for, ama?

I don’t like having too many apps and browsers add-ons hence I do things manually whenever possible. I just keep my Google password handy and once I log into drive I can get any password I need there. A password manager is one more app to deal with and don’t we have enough apps in our lives already? It’s also easier to manage the passwords in a simple text file because there are soooooooo many of them and I’m frequently changing them. Better to keep them in a bright green note on Google keep where they’re all there for me to see at a glance. I also copy them into a text file which I keep in my home PC for redundancy.


  • Google backup for contacts

  • Google Photos for photos

  • M-Ledger for M-Pesa transactions (this saved my life once when someone was claiming I had not paid them but I got the transaction thanks to it)

  • Google Keep for notes


  • OneDrive for work documents
  • Google Drive for personal docs

What a visual you’ve painted here. What were they threatening to do?

Documents are automatically backed up on Drive, Photos on Google photos and txts I use Handcent App which backs up everything on cloud.
its 2018 - Its a paid feature now!
anyway people no longer care about txts

I back up everything kwa simu na laptop all my backups are handled by Microsoft Onedrive nothing is left including my settings

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