How do I set up text message signature on Windows Lumia 535 and Android?

I want to set up text message signature on my phones to avoid always typing my name and company when sending messages. How do I go about it on Windows and Android phones?

On Android, it is very easy. Just go to the settings menu of your messaging application and look for ‘Signature’. This may or may not be there depending on the messaging app you’re using. I suggest you stick to the stock message app on your Android phone in order to take advantage of the feature. Some third party messaging applications, like my favourite YAATA, don’t have it. Most should have it though.

This is how it appears on my Android phone (Samsung SMS app)

About Windows Phone, I have no idea since I don’t any one of those lying around but from experience, it should be there in the message app’s settings. Why? Because even on feature phones you can set a signature (I used to toy around with that feature on the basic Nokia 1200).

Your Windows device has an email account on the start screen, tap it. But if you cannot see it, swipe your finger towards the left to access the start screen. Look for your email account on the app list.

Tap the ‘‘More Button’’ which is located at the bottom of the screen. This should look like three small dots on a row.

Tap signatures, and then the red button situated next to ‘‘Signature’’ to turn the function on or off as you wish.

Tap the text box to get rid of the default signature. Choose ‘‘Send from my Windows phone’’.

Type your new signature inside the text box. Finally, tap the check mark to implement the new changes. You’re done!

Great advise, but he was asking about text messages. If you have a Windows Phone device can you highlight the exact steps to get there on the SMS app?