How can we be a Silicon Savannah if Starting a business is so hard?

The World Bank ranks Kenya 136th out of 189 economies on overall ease of doing business. A report by Thinkroom Consulting analyzed (rather tried to be analyzed :grin:) here puts Kenya 8th out of 12 selected African countries on conduciveness of starting and conducting a business in Africa. That’s a very low ranking and one that is representative of the SME culture in our country. With so many people churning out apps daily hoping to turn that into a sustainable startup, are we shocked when the failure rate is too high? When people simply just give up in the middle?
For us to be a Silicon Savannah then it means that we should be able to not only support the rise of small businesses, but also offer an environment where they can be sustainable. Are we able to do this?

What do you think? Does anyone have an answer or an explanation for this because I surely do not!

silicon savannah? Konza technopolis? these words mean nothing when there is lack of action on policy and direction…the right stakeholders are not being involved and their input has been thrown to the bins.Let them do whatever they want,Young people are moving in a different direction either way