How and When Do You Listen to Podcasts?

Following on this conversation of great YouTube channels to follow,

I remember I’ve recently taken up listening podcasts. Used to sometime back, I don’t know why I lost steam, but I’m back.
And I’ve decided that instead of wear out my already tired eyes after a day’s work, I’ll be listening to podcasts more. It’s passive and you still get the information and analysis on things. (plus I heard you improve your speaking from listening)

Now I’ve realized that the one place I get to listen to podcasts properly is by the bedside. Connect the phone to a Bluetooth speaker and I’ll sleep to the playlists.

At this point I realize we may need a separate wiki topic for listing favourite podcasts.


Man,podcasts are a Godsend,i spend my evenings listening to some podcasts i have subscribed to on itunes and soundcloud,beauty is they are free and one gets to learn so much from them especially the interactive tech forum podcasts where you get to listen to discussions on new trends,industry insider stuff and how presenters/participants share perspectives on how topics interrelate locally and across the globe…There also some nice music playlists one can play out before bedtime

How do you get Podcasts, the only source i know is BBC. Never tried iTunes but now that it’s been mentioned, let me try it out.

You start by downloading a podcast app. I’m currently using Podcast Go on Android. From there the app has categories you can browse and choose from.

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Thanks, that App makes listening to Podcasts very easy. Guess i’ve been doing it wrong. Enjoying myself.

Looks like the makings of a tutorial, complete with 2-3 podcast app reviews and an ultimate recommendation. Podcast sources can be listed here like we did on the YouTubers recommendation thread.

Mind to check the replies

What Podcast do you all listen to? Preferably from SoundCloud or Spotify (Tech,Comedy,Lifestyle)

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Podcasts are my go to especially when I’m travelling or just walking around. I use pocketcasts on android though they are present on iOS and on the web too, plus it syncs progress across the various platforms.

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