Hound - a personal assistant that will blow you away

Hound went live yesterday for smartphone users in the US. It had been in closed beta since last year. If you are not familiar with Hound then this is what it is: a personal assistant on your phone that will pull all manner of information for you. At first glance, it is better than almost all the alternatives in the market.
I have been trying Hound for the last 24 or so hours. First things first, you need to grab the .APK file from APKMirror since it is still locked to US users at the moment. That is for Android users. For iOS users, grab a VPN in order to test it.

If Hound doesn’t blow your mind away then I don’t know what will. It puts information properly into context while still remaining as intelligent as you would expect it to be. It may not have as many witty replies as Apple’s Siri but it has twice the functionality. It will hail an Uber cab for you if you link your Uber account, it will tell you the weather for the next one week just after it tells you the conditions for the day. It will do some mind-boggling mathematics and call and text your friends when you want it to. Saying ‘Ok Hound’ when the app is open is all you need to have its attention. My best feature so far is its music recognition. Since this app is from the same guys that brought us SoundHound, the Shazam competitor, it easily recognizes any music that is playing either on your device or from an external source. You can even request it to play any song for you and guess what? It will. Go on, try it out.