Host Process for Windows Tasks is using the Webcam, should i be worried?

Of late whenever i open/startup my laptop i get this alarming pop up message on my screen "Host Process for Windows Tasks is using the Webcam" The message seems to be emanating from Kaspersky

As a safety measure I always cover my laptop webcams with a piece of black masking tape as soon as i buy my laptops. (Apparently Mark Zuckerberg also covers his with tape) A friend of mine also started noticing this pop up message on her laptop. Could this be a Windows 10 update glitch? or is it a normal Windows 10 behavior,and if so, how do i fix it. I’m just concerned that people without Kaspersky installed or any other antivirus that monitors webcam activity might be having their Webcams turned on without their knowledge.

PS: Googling for a solution to this problem hasn’t helped much. Alot of people on the web are also getting the same message but provide little to no solutions to the problem.

I also do this + disable the webcam completely.

or maybe kaspersky is showing off what it can do :smile: Anyway, I dont use third party antivirus, I just have windows defender and pair it Malwarebytes, an antimalware (really good). I also cover the webcam. I dont think we can be 100% secure nowadays, I watched a HBO documentary juzi and I saw some israelis claim they can send email to a person and by just opening it, they can record whatever the hell you type, regardless of the antivirus you have. They also hacked (live) most of the current smart vehicles and controlled them to their liking. Usijali, just make sure your paypal and credit cards are not handled carelessly.

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I saw the other day that Israel has the best cyber security experts in the world. Well, they’re just hackers but good ones in this case.

There was a darkweb website that was recently taken down by the FBI and CIA. Huko ukora ya paypal na credit card ilikua juu. Tried it and they sent money to my Paypal and the person whom money was sent from hajui how it occured. Alisema they used his grandfather’s name na credit card details zake.

Pia alidai yeye hakua na Paypal account and it is not clear how they used his grandfather’s name na credit card yake to initiate the bank transfer. Even his bank could not explain what had happened. I reversed the cash since my main aim was to prove that the guys on that site could do that. I did pay $50 and they did send $500.

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no need for antivirus licenses now :unamused:

hapa ni wapi ni multiply pesa yangu, nitadeal na bank baadaye… :smile:

mi naona ka uko na windows 10 and you update it kila time, plus uko na ka supplementary anti-malware software you just good. Unless uniambie unadeal na national security stuff ndio unaeza weka the most expensive AV (ama uende tu Kali Linux, usijisumbue windows :joy: )

Windows Defender ni top 3 anti-virus software. Plus, on my PC, performance hukuwa very fast unlike other AVs I have tried.

Both are independent organizations that evaluate and rate antivirus.

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This video is now on my recommended list on YouTube. These google algorithms are good.