Home Desk Setup Kenya in 2020

So i have watched a ton of home desk setups on Youtube from a lot of youtubers around the world and i am curious to see how us as kenyans or residing in kenya have set up our home desks.From the simplicity of tablets to gaming rigs and towers with multimonitors,i encourage you all to share a picture of your desk setups as well as a brief specs summary,lets share ideas,inspire and see what we got…

So i will go first in this,On my home desk are:
1.Creative Speakers 2.0
2.Dell Latitude E7450 laptop (2015) with Nvidia Graphics,i7,16GB DDR3 RAM,256GB SSD,Windows 10 Pro Build 19041
3.HP Pavilion AIO Computer(2016) with Nvidia Graphics,i7,16GB DDR3 RAM,500GB HDD,Windows 10 Pro Build 19608
4.Other Accessories: Sony Wireless Headphones,5 Port Switch,Wireless Keyboard and Mouse,Two 1TB External Drives.


Naona hupendi starehe :smile: :smile: hio kiti siezi kaa more than 2 hours


Hataki kulala kazini…

Laptop sio ya kuweka kwa desk, I use mine anywhere and everywhere in my house, be it on the balcony, bedroom, sitting room, carpet etc. Wherever my creative juices kick in is where I’ll open my laptop and start using, hiyo story ya meza permanent hapana


Ebu tuone setup yaako…

Unataka kuona the single laptop I use au kiti? I thought @Dree_Alexander anaulizia machines and stuff, watu wa laptop tukae kando :joy: :joy: :joy:

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hata laptops na tablets are welcome,si kila mtu akona machines serious…btw even a simple tablet setup kwa desk na bluetooth speakers is something btw,the idea here is to see whats possible in terms of setups based on many factors…


hahaha btw,hii kiti inaniwekanga chonjo…i cant feel tired hapa,but its true,huwezi kalia hii kitu more than 2 hours continously


i use my laptop everywhere btw,hii kitu haikaangi 2 place moja ati throughout.Inatembezwa kila mahali.

Heeeh. You have a setup? Like @Krizwech, I move around the house with my laptop, book, mouse, phone and headphones.

I work from the bed, a seat in the bedroom, a sit in the living room and the dining table - which is like my working desk.

This work from home thing is temporary to me, so I have never invested in anything proper to work on.

Work from home ni dining table, and pulling extra pillows when you go to the bedroom. But I also have a full desk and chair (I still use the chair on the side of the bed with the legs up). Desk i stopped using completely.


As we work from home, I have no fibre connection. My area is also not served by any wireless ISP, so I use my phone to tether connection to my laptop. The speeds are so low. Would you recommend the use of a wifi repeater? Do those things improve speed?

What mobile connection do you have currently(2G,3G,4G)? Having a repeater won’t help if the only connection you have is 2G. In this case it may actually makes things worse since repeaters degrade the connection speed. However, if the problem is that only have a good connection(maybe 3G or 4G) in only a certain area of your house but you can’t be at that place all the times(maybe you only get a 4G connection in the toilet), a repeater might help. If the initial connection(from phone to repeater) speed is high enough, then you may still get a good connection.


HP EliteBook 840 G3 Notebook PC
Intel Core i7-6600U¹
Intel HD Graphics 520
Ubuntu OS
Phillips 24" Monitor
1920x1200 optimal resolution.
JBL Bluetooth speaker…
Xbox one S controller.
5050 LED IR multicolour strip(5 metres)
10mbps WiFi (liquid telecom).

I rarely game on my laptop since it’s intended for office work but when I do, I play Fortnite, Farcry and NFS most wanted 2005 remastered in 4K(it’s actually good).FIFA labda tukiwa na gang.
I’m not a Man-U fan btw.
Anyone interested in any of these gadgets I can link you to where I got them as well as their prices…welcome.


@Krizwech Laptops stationed at one place tend to last longer in some way since chances zake za kupata damage ama accident ni less especially nyumba ina wasee wengi. Maybe wewe you are very responsible.


Nice Setup…

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great setup btw,the xbox one s controller still works great with PCs

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True,after mine started having battery issues on the fourth year i decided wacha nirelegate ikuwe kama desktop now i am planning to get another much lighter laptop or maybe my workplace will get me one

Thank you @Stiffler254. You too @Dree_Alexander. Has anyone done a custom CPU build? I seek inspiration