Hisense, TCL, Skyworth

I have always wondered if the TVs titled in our KE shops are new. Admittedly, some people believe in bigger brands, which is understandable, but the value of the TCLs et al. cannot be understated because I have one of them, and it has served me satisfactorily.
My main concern is purchasing a model from 2015, which, bearing in mind of the speed old tech gets phased out, is a problem.
So, has any of you guys snagged one - and was it from at least 2018?
New models are just better (in many ways, including hardware and panel quality, and you will keep them around for a while like computers), and they bring multiple ports (I know a friend with an LG from 2017 that has a single HDMI port and it kills him).
All responses are appreciated.

I have been contemplating getting the TCL C8 model lately coz the android tv software seems great and the hardware seems like its robust enough to handle everyday use.Plus the price for a 55 inch seems very friendly.

I decided that I will not let non-essential tech (outside personal computing and phone) bother me about being up to date. I have an 8 year old 32" TV, FHD non-digital, non smart (Plugged to Bamba TV and FireTV 4k via HDMI). As long as this is still functioning great, I will be okay for another 2 years as I focus my efforts elsewhere.

That is as long as they are serving my primary needs without challenges.


This must be a 24inch or not a genuine LG. There is one home a 32 inch and it has 2HDMI cables.

This said, I can say for sure the Android TV is great because of only one thing – apps.However, my experience of Android TV on TCL left me feeling LG WebOS is much more refined for a TV OS with good interoperability with Sony devices.
Both are 43inch UHD/4K so I think the comparison is quite fair. The LG HDMI (arc) works on both LG and Sony products while the TCL does not work with either. LG goes further to let you even control other devices with the single remote.
Secondly, DLNA works really fine on the LG but on the TCL, it’s a hit or a miss. One time it works, the next it fails. Codec support is quite large on the LG. I had some 4K Webm videos. On the LG they work pretty fine but on the TCL they completely refused to have sound.
The third feature I have loved about LG is the LG time machine, with that, am able to reverse up to 1 hour and 30mins of live TV as long as a harddisk is connected. Warning though, if you record sth on a particular LG TV, you can only play it there nowhere else even an identical TV.
That said, if you go for TCL, just get an android TV it won’t be as old as 2015…


One more thing, I have not yet experienced Samsung Tizen and Android TV on Sony beyond the display so I can’t say much about those.