Hiring from Upwork

So I was brainstorming about possible business plans the other day, and I came up with an idea for a mobile app. One free version and one paid version. I think the idea is pretty solid. Upside: millions of possible customers. Downside: development cost (or money you want to set on fire)

I don’t know any local developers, but I’m at an early stage of my research. My plan is to look the most popular kenyan developed apps, and work backwards from there.

I’m also thinking of posting for work on Upwork. Incredible talent there, but very expensive. There are also local telegram IT job groups, but I"d probably be swarmed with offers, and I’m not a programmer who does QA.

Which of these avenues would be best? Kindly note I’m not soliciting, but if you have good leads you can post here.

Great talent is expensive, so if you want to cut costs you’ll get a bad product. Wherever you find a dev, compensate them their fair (International) market value.


If you are 100% sure about making the app, then hire an equally solid software company. There are many local and they are headed by some of the best brains in the industry both here in Kenya and beyond. It will not be cheap but it will save you so much hustle and wasted effort in trying to piece together developers from all over the place.


I believe you are still in the ideating stage. My advise would be to slow on full implementations and play around with iterations based on customer feedback(engage the right ones!) and validate your assumptions.
Slow down on full product implementation but speed up ideas/iterations gained e.g new version every week or days

If you have the dosh/backing continue …

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