High Definition Voice Calling

Just noticed that there’s hd voice calling with Safaricom. Anyone noticed this?

Sometime back when I used to have an Umidigi device it used to show HD while I was calling… But in my current device it doesn’t… Safaricom are very vocal they could have made it known to everyone every chance they get :joy:. I think it’s your device which shows the icon for no apparent reason.

Could be still testing.

Don’t think so… I have an Airtel line but that logo doesn’t light up

Then if they are testing it… which they have been doing for a year since I first saw it, they should stop wasting resources and implement VoLTE, since it also comes with HD voice by default and serves more people. Not forgetting WiFi calling :triumph:

Another PR by Safcorn in the cooking then utakuja kuambiwa HD calls cost more than the normal calls

This is not a Safaricom thing. It is built into Android (VoLTE icon)

Faiba 4G users also get the icon for calls they make to other Faiba 4G users. (On supported phones)

I have also seen it a few times during calls for a few months now.

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can I correct you a bit, politely, hd calling and volte are different, but Volte should have hd calling according to standards. both hd calling and volte, despite being an android thing, should be supported by the carrier to work. Hd calling can work on 3g and doesnt need the two devices to have the support to work correctly. However, on Volte, for hd calling to work, the two devices (caller and receiver) should support it (hd calling)… If am right I think. And by the way, its funny a big carrier like safaricom doesnt have Volte :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve seen it before(the HD voice) in one of their investor presentations.

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Orange Kenya Launched it in 2011 http://www.voiceage.com/pdfs/160503-GSA_mobile_HD_Voice.pdf

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Safaricom’s HD voice calls has been around for a while now. It’s nothing new. I don’t know why they do go beserk marketing it but it’s been there.

Is this the same as the orange one, I remember having an Alcatel and the calls were disturbingly clear, I am yet to experience this on another phone, I am using a Nokia 2 on faiba and it’s quality is terrible on volte.

I am aware. :blush:

Android, however, displays an HD icon for both HD calling and VoLTE.

The screenshot above is from a 3G only phone. The phone making the call does not show the icon though.

Can you kindly check if VoLTE provision is enabled? (Dial *#*#46363*#* then select phone information.)

The VoLTE provision toggle on my phone is grayed out.

PS: The phone information page contains your IMEI and phone number. Be careful with the screenshots.

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following, enhe, mine volte is turned on, what next @General?

techweez forum is changing this, its star hash star hash 4636 then hash star hash star :laughing:

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That is just about it. If your phone’s firmware supports VoLTE on Safaricom, that toggle is not grayed out.

That toggle usually enables another toggle (Enhanced 4G LTE Mode) in your settings menu.

This means some phones can actually make/receive calls over 4G on Safaricom.

Maybe get @fwosi’s number and test it out. :blush:

ok av had to re-read this like 3 times

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HD voice is like the Dolby Atmos of calls.

Now, all we need are carriers to actually enable HD Voice. They will do so by using a higher-quality speech codec called AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband). That codec doubles the frequency of the call, which means you’ll hear less muffled voices and be able to better distinguish between “s” and “f” sounds. VoLTE already supports AMR-WB, so it’s not very difficult for carriers like AT&T to enable HD Voice once calls have moved over to its LTE network.

Instead of limiting a call frequency to between 300 Hz and 3.4 kHz, a wideband audio call transmits at a range of 50 Hz to 7 kHz, or higher. That’s much more in line with the human voice, which transmits audio between 75 Hz and 14 kHz.

Note: It is possible to have VoLTE without HD voice. This is very rare though.


There is also WiFi calling. It uses whatever hotspot you are connected to make a call (and texts, I think). This is useful in areas where there is a good WiFi connection but terrible cell reception.

In most cases, it is usually offered for free without any limits.

I am not aware of any Kenyan carrier that supports this at the moment.


:joy::joy::joy: But safaricom should enable VoLTE and WiFi calling asap to everyone.

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HD voice on Safaricom has been there for a few years. I’ve been doing HD voice calls on Samsung flagships from Galaxy S4. It was just limited to specific devices. Now a mainstream thing by hardware support.


I have been experiencing the same clear calls on Airtel ( previously on Lumia 950 and now on Nokia 5) when i call a specific phone (Tecno Phantom 5) .The caller and the recipient must have phones that support the HD calling.Its crystal clear .