Here's How to Revert to the Old Chrome Design

Chrome version 69 came with a new UI design that includes tabs with round edges which some of you have embraced with open arms. For us who still prefer the old tab design that had sharp edges, here’s how to get that back.

  1. In the address bar, type chrome://flags and press enter
  2. Search for “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome.”
  3. You’ll find a drop down menu on the side which you’ll switch from Default to Normal
  4. Restart Chrome and boom, your old Chrome is back.You get to see your tabs with the sharp edges design.

I haven’t yet upgraded mine thank God, but what about that awful new gmail layout design, people in the office have been complaining mad about it

You guys are funny :joy::joy:… I like everything google has done on design, the gmail layout, the chrome UI, mobile version of YouTube to dark mode… it awesome… :heart_eyes::grin:


Really? But if that is the new Firefox design…wait! That’s Chrome?

The new gmail layout is too bulky and loads longer, the ‘compact’ layout they call compact bado ni kubwa kwangu. i reverted back to the old classic layout i find it much leaner and cleaner.

Hii nimejua na wewe, i had to go to my youtube app settings and turn it on to see what it looks like :grin:

I wouldnt be caught dead using firefox, or is it mozilla I hate everything about it kwanza those people who bring in their laptops for cleaning and have it installed always ask, “na hii ni nini?” pointing to an extra “mozilla maintenance” program installed on their machines. Well It doesnt take up alot of space but i gladly delete the entire program while refering and installing chrome for them.


:joy::joy::joy: thats cold… please love firefox :pray::grin:

So far I haven’t had any issues with the new gmail design. But I know not many like it.

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It’s a fact that Firefox had lost it way for a couple of years, but post version 57 (Quantum) it’s the best browser on the desktop market. And those improvements are making their way to the Android version.

At least give it one more try.

chrome 69 is looking just great,i got no problems with it.It kinda has a similar look to firefox but its no biggie…main thing is its performing better by the day.

Also check out Android messages dark mode. Contacts new material design plus dark mode will be rolling out soon.

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The number of times the new chrome has crashed and hang my office PC is mind boggling. (Yes i updated it on office PC but for my laptop natumia Chrome ile ya kitambo :grinning:) Kaspersky haiskizani with the new Chrome, who else is having this issue.

My new chrome has been working just fine…

I have KIS and don’t have issues using the new chrome. However, using it on machines with less RAM is problematic.

I have noticed that YouTube has been pausing and asking whether I am still watching when playing music videos in the background, is this a chrome update? How can I switch it off, it’s annoying to have music stop when you are working.


YouTube has said they intend on ‘frustrating’ a ‘specific subset’ of people who use YouTube as a music service. It seems you are one of those people.

Your problem is at least a year old

Why would they do this to him in Kenya where they don’t have these subscription services? Or is he using a VPN?

Nobody knows why YouTube makes these decisions. It has been this way for a few years now.

i uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it again and its working fine now :+1:

The office PC is a Core i5 with 4GB RAM . uninstalling and reinstalling chrome seemed to solve the issue

Thank you! This new fuckin’ design is incredibly asinine–looks like some stupid ass web browser made for kids. Appreciate the help.

Who’s going to break it to this guy that all of Google’s products from Android straight through Youtube use Material Design?