Here’s a list of Telegram’s Inline bots to take advantage of

Inline Telegram bots are those which can be summoned at will to offer a service in the middle of a chat session without having to go through the inconvenience of first leaving the chat.With this feature, you can interact with the bots by simply typing their username and then adding your query such as a dictionary definition, a YouTube video or even a translation. The inline bot will instantly give the information to you.

A list of Inline Telegram Bots:

@gif/@coub to search for GIFs
@youtube/@vid to search videos on Youtube
@bing/@pic to search images on Bing and Yandex
@wiki to search for information on Wikipedia (opens link)
@imdb to search movies infos on IMDB
@sticker to search for stickers using available emoji
@bold to convert texts to bold, italic and formatted
@dictrobot/@exactlyappbot to search for English dictionary definitions of words
@iLyricsBot to search for Lyrics to any song
@lutilbot to translate words/sentences into over 70 languages using InLine Translator
@storebot to search for other bots in the store bot
@the_musicbot sends you music files (only works in group and its own private chat)
@mrbytebot is an AI bot that works in groups or its own private chat. Mr Byte can also work inline with reduced functionality. You can get results from Urban Dictionary, YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia, Weather, e.t.c
@my_ali_bot allows you to check prices and shop on AliExpress
@getmediabot to search and download audio and video files
@gamee/@gamebot to get a list of available Telegram games which play in-app