Helping Kenyans Access Low Cost Laptops from USA

Maryland Global Distributors is a startup based in Washington DC.

We seek to help people in Kenya and Africa access e-commerce in the US and elsewhere.

We appreciate the hardships faced by Kenyans in accessing good quality online merchandise from Kenya and elsewhere due to the lack of shipping options.

We make every effort to offer financing help to legitimate customers seeking good quality products not readily available in Kenya.

We look forward to helping you purchase you favorite item from Amazon, eBay or elsewhere online.

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So you shop then ship goods to the post office for collection ? That I bet cannot be cheap the custom guys here will milk you dry .

Is there really a lack of shipping options?

Kenya has at least 5 established businesses that do this already.

What is your service offering that the ones linked above do not already do better than you? I am genuinely curious.

  • Customers are responsible for paying any applicable customs charges. If you are from around here you’d know no one likes dealing with the Posta guys when it comes to customs. All the services in the link above do that for you.
  • The wait time is 21 days after receiving the goods. That is one of the slowest.