Help with YouTube mobile to TV queuing

I was used to casting video from YouTube mobile to YouTube TV and queuing several videos at a time but recently I can’t do that. I can cast one video at a time which means if I want to watch more than one video through the phone, the TV app has to restart with every cast video. I have tried everything including reinstalling both apps but nothing works. When I cast one video from the phone and leave it, the TV plays that video and then uses the YouTube algorithm to play similar videos automatically. Does anybody know how to fix this? Its driving me nuts. Both the phone and TV share the same WiFi network.

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This is weird because my queue still works. I use it everyday to play music as I do other things. Is the problem still present?

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Yeah still present. I even stopped trying. Just to confirm, you can cast one video then keep adding videos as they play on TV?

Maybe you should try queuing a playlist,create a playlist,queue videos onto it and cast it…i think it should work.

Yes. I can do this.

No need to create playlists just add them to your watch later option on mobile and watch on tv, I add videos throughout the day then watch them when I have time on the tv, on watch later it gives you an option to remove all watched videos which the playlists don’t have.

this is also another viable option