HELP! Where is my data going?!?

Yo Android veterans,

I just recently made the move to android full time but I didn’t realize just how much data I was using. What’s going on with this guys?

I have WiFi both at home and in the office so I’m almost always using WiFi more than data but THIS still happens? Yes I watch stuff on YouTube sometimes in transit and I use my phone as a Hotspot but my iPhone never put me through this. Kunaendaje huku?

Explain this to me please!

Hi. What’s not normal there? The usage on YouTube or the tethering?

Maybe the high usage on YouTube is because of quality of the videos(YouTube may default the streams to a higher quality especially if you are on high speed connection such as 3G or 4G LTE).

For tethering, its a bit hard to tell. What OS do you use? Windows 10 is data intensive OS. You may need to change your hotspot connection to a metered one.


Everything @SamuelN said.

That and remember there is autosync settings on Android, turn that off when you’re outside WiFi zone.

What doesn’t seem normal is how I literally used up 8GB in seven days. Seeing as I’m almost always in a WiFi zone, my monthly data use was about 4GB.

And I wouldn’t say I’ve increased use so you’re probably right about video quality.

Found the culprit. Autosync was turned on. Thank you guys.

The more we advance, the more data we are consuming. I am very afraid of buying bundles these days, and when I do, I am a hawk. I look at everything the device does and tries to do, plus shut it off when I do not need it on.