Help! Safaricon is an abusive husband

Lemme say I spend most of my time online doing stuff. In the last few years, though, i started learning web development and software development because that is where my interest is. I am slated to start an online degree in computer science. The problem, however, is that i need to stream gigabytes of data as a learner. The current offers by safaricom is a pure con. 12 GB for 3000 is a drop in an ocean that cannot whet my appetite for learning. Besides, as a hustler, 3000 is already expensive. I can use Orange or Telkom but in Thika, or at least where i stay, there is no network. For Airtel, i have a bad experience with them. I had bought their modem but it stopped working just like that. So its like safaricom is the only option i have, a bad option i must state. I hate them for being expensive and inadequate for my needs (and for other power users i guess) but i have no choice. I feel like an abused woman staying in a marriage for the sake of children. What options do i have? For techies and number crunchers, does it mean Internet Kenya cannot be cheaper? Would these companies incur losses if they sold Internet for something like 200 GB for KES 3000?

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I’d advise you to connect to fiber if there’s fiber in Thika, either Safaricom or JTL Faiba, but Safaricom is cheaper than Faiba. Also don’t know if Liquid telecom’s Hai-Waya is in Thika but you can contact them on social media, it’s a much cheaper option.
Alternatively, I use Airtel Postpaid unlimited since there’s no fiber to home connection where I live. The Airtel network is good in my area and during downtimes I chat with customer care and they resolve the issues as quick as they can. Network issues may take like a week to resolve but it’s worth it. It’s 3599 per month.
Also note that the service is a one year contractual agreement with Airtel and since its postpaid there’s also a deposit you will pay. There’s also a complementary MiFi router that you’ll be given which can connect up to 10 devices, so no need to worry bout the modem

This is my speedtest at the time of this post, the sim card is on my phone

This is my balance., the balance is set high to levels you cant really consume in 30 days :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the notification of an issue i raised with them about the network in my area where for a while internet speeds were really slow. Expected resolution date was 10th June and they solved it yesterday 8th June

Thank you for your detailed response. I think Airtel is the best based on my analysis and taking into consideration I am in Thika. I have already checked my Airtel modem and i think it is working. I guess i will use Airtel unliminet modem provisionally and later will join the postpay unlimited.The postpay stuff is the best deal.

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Have you considered downloading the lessons? Most online platforms have workarounds for this as long as you own the course(Example Udemy)

I have downloaded a few courses from my Udemy account and the largest so far was around 15 GB with 150 videos (FullHD if available, otherwise 720p)

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Nice if the modem is working, you can try n do a speedtest first to test how the network is in your area before making the postpay move

Consider downloading your lessons. Just like he said.