Help Me Get My Laptop | Fanless 15.6" Display | Any Model but Not Apple

Guys guys guys. I need you to help me find a laptop to buy. My preferred specs are only three.

  1. Fanless
  2. At least 15.6" Display (15" is still ideal)
  3. Runs on Windows

Other specs are not important. I just want to get that laptop. Please help me narrow down. I’m getting tired of this search.

Have you looked at the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air series?

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I did check them out but noticed the Air Pro are the ones which have a 15.6" Display and they were released less than a fortnight ago. So I need patience in getting one. I will keep this as an option. Let’s wait and hear about others.

Look at the Surface book lineup.

They don’t have a 15.6" one

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i recommend you check out the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW ,Asus have lots of fanless models btw,also i saw some new Acer models that are fanless

I do own an Asus and for the fourth year running, it’s the best thing I have owned when it comes to computers. I did try to ask them if they have 15.6" fanless laptops and they told me they don’t have any. The UX501VW that you have shared has a fan too.

well,too bad man…i know there is an acer model that fits your description,saw it came out the other day at IFA 2017,just check out Acer’s product lineup

Great on it. Thanks

Just seen this thread.

@deewinc I’d argue you to wait a month or two before pulling the trigger. Intel’s 8th gen processors are currently rolling out to ultrabooks.

Laptops using the 7th gen U-series processors (most ultrabooks) will benefit from the extra cores. Dual cores to quad cores is a HUUUUGE improvement. They will not be fanless though.

And since you asked, I recommend the LG Gram 15 (2017 edition). It is not fanless but it is quiet. Amazing hardware, great battery life, very portable. An all-around great laptop.

I am not sure when the LG Gram line will be refreshed but I reckon it will be soon.

In case you need more power (fans on fans here :smile:), go with the XPS 15. The GTX 1050 should come in handy if you play light games, video editing, CAD etc.

If you still need a fanless laptop, here is a detailed list. Most of them are not 15".

You will not find a wide range of 15" fanless laptops. Even Apple does not have a fanless 15-inch laptop, they have a relatively quiet 15-inch laptop.

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The one I have started off as a very silent laptop even on gaming. I mean I could use it in bed the laptop managed to dissipate heat well. Over time, I learnt that the laptop is choking on dust. I have to open the cover every two weeks to clean it and clean the heatsink too but after three days the dust is back and plenty of it. Blame it on hii vumbi ya Nairobi.

As a result of the dust, the fan does some crazy RPMs and that’s a battery eater. I will check out the list and probably be a little more patient as you have mentioned.

Yep,i advise you get the Dell XPS 15