Headphones Recommendation

Hey guys

I would like to get your recommendations on which headphones to get that have the following specs:

Wireless, with a 3.5mm jack as well
Over the ear pads (very essential)
Good sound quality (also essential)
Foldability (not that essential)
ANC is not necessary
Budget 5k and under

You’re asking a lot for that price son :grin:. But I got you. Go to Keep Pace Africa page on Instagram and grab Pace Live II (Ksh3500) or Pace Focus Plus (Ksh6000). Otherwise visit Luthuli or import.

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I wouldn’t exactly say asking a lot because I’ve seen the Tribit Xfree go at 5500 with these specs.
But I’ll definitely check these Pace ones out.

Might there also be recommendations for slightly higher prices? I’m interested but wouldn’t mind paying more (sub 20k though…)

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I will recommend the Anker Soundcore Q20 and they are pretty good ANC cans for the price (Kshs 9,000). Also consider its brother, the Q30 that are 3k more

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Bluedio H2. Best budget headphones. Meets all your requirements.

Thanks. Will defo check these out too

Pace focus, they are cheap but very nice, saw some one complain about chipped ear cups, but like everything little need small care like a leather conditioner every few weeks, mine still smooth, the conditioner is only 150 bob.