Have You Used M-Pesa GlobalPay Virtual Visa Card and What Has Been Your Experience So Far?

Safaricom and Visa launched M-PESA GlobalPay Virtual Visa Card. The card has been in development for two years.

We’ve already covered everything you need to know here

Have you set up your M-PESA GlobalPay Virtual Visa Card and how has your experience been?

This forum entry is to share your experience and bugging questions about the virtual card which we’ll address in a future article on Techweez.com.

On the second day after launch, a friend tried to use it on Google Pay, somehow it didn’t go through, i also tried and it didn’t go through.

I’ve tried this morning after seeing your post and it has been accepted.

The forex charge is on the steep side 105/= for a 3,000/= transaction. I’ve been using KCB Prepaid card and i get no other charges, i do pay the exact amount.
The limit of 150k also cuts one off large transactions, i purchased a laptop at Amazon and the price was above 150k, so had i opted for Mpesa -Visa Card, the transaction would not have gone through.


Overhyped and overrated. Does not solve any problem. Buying stuff on international marketplaces has never been a problem, receiving payments from international sources is the problem. The card does nothing that a good prepaid card doesn’t do already. There are many cards where you can load funds via MPesa instantly and make your purchase.

When you are as powerful as Safaricom and with a huge advertisement budget anything you do is “innovative” and a “game changer”.


Not yet but will do it soon!

Trust me. There’s a huge percentage of people that still don’t know how to pay for stuff on international marketplaces. It will help bridge that gap. Contrary, there are many ways to receive money from abroad, starting with your namesake Pyypl, PayPal, Skrill, Wise, Western Union, Moneygram, Mpesa, Crypto, RTGS, etc.

A prepaid card costs 500.

A good prepaid card allows transactions in foreign currencies and won’t charge you additional fees.


500 is very little compared to Safaricom’s markup on the exchange rate. Let’s say the card has a life of 2 years before you get a new one, by the time 2 years lapse the fees would have added up to more than 500. But it has a few good uses, if you are going to buy a $2.99 ebook once every 3 years then definitely the Safaricom card is a “game changer”.



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:joy::joy::joy::joy: I felt like this statement sent me back to 2014, briefly. Dark days, dark days indeed.

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Equity prepaid card is free last time I got one. I don’t know now.

I think on the second day is when I used it first. I was able to subscribe to a Google play app and pay for Netflix.