Have you used BUNIFU ANTIVIRUS made in Kenya?

Bunifu antivirus has a lovely website but have you tried to install, run and rate it?

where is the download link ?


Here’s the download link, to be honest I’m yet to try it. Mostly because I haven’t been in the office for long enough to have time for other things that don’t need my attention.


Who still uses Anti-Virus Apps?

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I like Bunifu because it is Kenyan plus it is a welcome change from the usual kind of startups in the African scene but to be honest…hehehe…I was wondering the same.

The last time I used an antivirus app was 2012 :confused:

yep!!most operating systems these days come with roper safeguards against snoopers [especially android marshmallow and N plus monthly updates-Google really outdid itself this time] so i agree there’s really no real need to use antivirus.

You are an above average computer user. Plus you have not dealt with an office environment where the average user will expose you to some affiliate wares that hijack your browser. That’s how I ended up going back to using anti-virus, after a 4 year hiatus.

I am thinking of reverting to using Karspersky instead of the ‘commando’ state that my laptop is in. Why you ask? Well this morning i almost fainted when my device took a whole 2 minutes to bring up Chrome. If it dies I am dead I swear. I also think its time i find reliable cloud storage that I can use as backup.

It is not about being average it is all about how careful you operate your machines. Personally, I’am a designer and web developer. So you can imagine the tonnes of crap my computers have to deal with on a daily basis. Just as Kelvin has said, the last time I used an Anti-Virus app was in 2012. I protect my computers by being being careful on what I do.

do you use Linux or OSX? if windows then it means windows defender is doing the protection for you.

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Seems like Eset doesn’t like it :joy:


Deleted my previous post by mistake

I don’t trust the antivirus coz it is not listed at http://www.av-comparatives.org/ I even contacted Bunifu makers to send av-comparatives a copy for benchmark and what I got was no reply.

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@Deewinc I agree with Martin. An Antivirus solution is inevitable in an office or public area setup. You also need to remember that windows defender is not enough, personally have lost my files severally yet windows defender is active & working…For the average PC user I insist that an AV is a must

Hello techies, my name is Keith & I work with Bunifu. We are currently finalizing product standardization and this includes having the product listed by AV comparatives. @DanceWithLinux sorry it seems we missed your message, please feel free to contact us again; [email protected]

Product reviews are also welcome.Thank you for supporting made in Kenya!

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Hey @Keith i just downloaded the 30 day free trial hoping its worth it. will do some tests on it and share my views on the forum.:ok_hand: Kudos though, i will always support made Kenya " only if its worth it ".

I was impressed to know for the first time in Kenya someone had come up with an antivirus software but still when it comes to cyber security it is a serious business because the consumer trusts the antivirus solution is on the look out protecting his/her vital documents. Am yet to see Bunifu on PC’s out there and on the top ranks at http://www.av-comparatives.org. I hope Bunifu creators will also include a free version of the antivirus solution and not a just trial version for it to be known by a majority of Kenyans and the international community.

@njoguhayes looking forward to your review @DanceWithLinux thank you for your feedback, I will present them for consideration in the subsequent iterations of the product.

We’re still waiting for the promised views/review…