Have you tried the new drinks delivery platform Boozeit.co.ke?

Interesting how technology is catching up in Kenya?..Some years back you wouldn’t think about getting your favorite whisky through the click of a button. Check out these new startup that seeks to influence the entertainment lifestyle through technology.

Wrong timing, you will have to wait till after Good Friday, Lent just started. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Haha…I guess I should have called it Thirsty Thursday…

Seems like a very nice service that I am very keen to check out. I wonder how they make money though if I as a consumer do not pay an extra fee for the delivery with no hiked rates on their drinks as I have seen

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I wonder too. Then their business model is like that of bar only that they don’t pay rent or the waiters, which means you need to have as much volumes as a bar to sustain the business

The prices are slightly higher than what’s at the supermarket, meaning they probably have a similar arrangement as far as supply is concerned.

The platform offers effecient delivery within 40min-1hr once an order is placed. About the prices, we work with a number of suppliers in different ares of Nairobi. Its a B2B system module that converts the offline market to e-markets.

Guys should just try out MoBar…delivery within Nairobi in an hour or less,pay via MPESA,service is 24/7 and they got a lot on their menu including chasers…the true local Uber for drinks