Have you heard about VDS Africa?

VDS Africa is an online platform created for business people in Kenya. We have realized that consumers still have to locate and look for their desired products and services with quite a hustle, so we are here to save the hustle and time since we are now placing things under one room and you will be just a click away isn’t that amazing? Here are the reasons you should get listing your products today or visiting VDS Africa to check on what you want:

  1. No fraud: Chances for fraud are totally zero since we only give you the directions and what the business offers for you to visit personally and get what you want.

  2. Its affordable: We offer very impressive charges to list your business with us, one month free then you start paying for the next month.

  3. Business locator: After consumers visiting our site they will call you and inquire what she/he wants from your business and easily locate you from where they are. This offers customers Freedom to shop anywhere, just visit VDS Africa and check which shop is near and offers what you want.

  4. Expanded geographical reach: You business reach will expand if you advertise on our platform

  5. Greater flexibility: You are the boss of your business so you have all the authority to regularly update your business account on VDS for example, you can promote a ‘deal of the day’ on your front page, without the need for expensive printed display material.

  6. Open 24/7: Our online is easy to access anywhere in the country so even when your close your offline shop, your online presence will be on and even customers can still call you.

List your business today and spread the word!


From your ad, you are in other words a middleman. Why should I come to you instead of my intended target?

  • Your terms and conditions don’t fully explain what information you take, how you use it, and how you mitigate fraud.

  • You want us to register/create accounts and you don’t have an SSL certificate.

Also fire whoever made the site for you. It easily redirected me to http://superlist.byaviators.com/

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how are you any better than OLX?

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You’ve started this quite far.


And unless you get technical soonest and move off a CMS, it will be your limitation quite soon, that’s if you plan on scaling.

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@BoazKE Not a middleman, all we are trying to do is get all businesses in one place so that when consumers log online they can be able to check on what they want and locate the nearest shop to buy or do the service

We are better than our competitors simply because:

  1. There is no chance for fraud
  2. We use both videos and images. Companies can incorporate their logos slogans etc. In short it is a virtual shop
  3. After listing as many businesses as possible, consumers will be able to log online, check what they are interested in and locate the nearest place to buy the product or service.
  4. Very friendly prices

I value your feedback. Thank a lot

Thank you for your feedback, what do you suggest we do?

I think while you run on Wordpress, you should be developing your own platform from scratch, this gives you extensibility you want. Right now Wordpress feels good as it gets you up and running faster, but you will start seeing the limitations quite soon when you can’t do some things with efficiency they deserve.


Thanks for the help, I will actually start working on this. I understand the limitations it can bring once the site is popular

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