Have you ever used BITCOINS or even mined some using your PC?

A cheap method of international money transfer.

Update to this, Bitcoin is now at an all-time high, has survived all the highs and lows, but still rises on. This is where some of us sit in a corner for not believing in it and doing something about it.

Bitcoin and Gold seem to share the same characteristics especially in terms of resisting inflation and currency devaluation

I have never mined them bitcoins but now Its a breakthrough technology, that I think will boost africa and developing countries in the payment industry. Its is soo easy to work with, its unbelievable.

Mining at this time is quite expensive. A regular/modestly specked out PC would take over > 10000 yrs to mine 1 btc. People are buying special rigs for this or going on cloud services that specialize

Currently BTC/XBT ( May 5, 2017) it is worth more that Gold ( in USD terms) :slight_smile:

Is there a cheaper way like using a good GPU, and which one is the best? Coz getting a mining rig in Kenya though., saw that good ones range from over a hundred 100k!

I should probably hook you with Brian Afande who with his colleague built a PC that could render VR content from shipped in pieces.

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Just read the article, would be awesome