Have you ever tried Mobile Number Portability (Porting) , your experiences?

Took a pal to Safaricom shop yesterday to port his line from Telkom. The lady explained to him that he must first make sure that he’s exhausted his allocations before the request is made akasema ni mingi na atamalizia weekend then arudi next week.
What interested me though was that the lady told him that it might take days for the request to go through coz the network might refuse to let the customer go, that Airtel is especially notorious for that.
Have you guys tried porting before and have you experienced the same?

I tried shifting from Airtel to Telkom before their so called merger and it was a shitty experience .Airtel’s reception at home is almost non existent and mind you ni hapa Murera, Ruiru . Infact my colleagues know when I am at home and when I am out and about.Wakipata Niko mteja then I am home . I have a Safaricom sim card but ni ya MPESA pekee .
I have been waiting for this merger for years now but nothing seems to be forthcoming . Airtel ni bure Sana if all goes well I will jump to Safaricom 1000 postpay and forget about the Red midget .

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Ported from Airtel to Safaricom in 2013. It took 48 hours for the process to be complete. However, they also informed me that it might take longer to complete as the other network has to approve the porting. While the process is being effected, unabaki mteja.

Very true. We have 5 FULL bars but making a call even outdoors is a problem. Call drops, kelele na sound effects za lightning na VW Beetle kwa background, Chain Saw ikikata mti etc. When it comes to data hata siwezi ongea.

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Thought siku izi it takes hours, after the new CA rules came in, but after jana naona maybe inaezakua bado the same

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Telkom Kenya have a thread on their website about porting, which apparently stipulates that it takes about two working days to successfully complete porting to their network from another service provider. Don’t know how true this is though.

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Now that you mentioned this .I passed by Telkom offices today and filled in a form to try and port (second try )Airtel number to Telkom .I will update you on how it goes . Nowadays nikiwa home even sending a text message is a problem using Airtel.

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10 days later. I have succesfully ported from Airtel to Telkom . One lady pale Telkom shop has been contacting me to advise on progress and just a few minutes ago i have shifted .Thank you Telkom.


It seems unnatural. Because porting a number from one company to another requires only few minutes and 24 hours to get the services from old sim to your newer sim.

Just call the company you want to switch to and those guys will call you back and even send the sim to your home. You just need to send a message and voila. Its done.

No company can deny you to port your number to any other company. Its your choice.

Can a phone company refuse to port your number :unamused:?