Have you been to Kenya's secrets platform mysecret.co.ke yet?

There is a new site that is taking the Kenyan cyberspace by storm. It is mysecret.co.ke. It is not a mobile app like Whispers is or Secrets, the failed American startup, was. Instead, it is a simple website that has just one mission: to let you anonymously share your well-kept secret with strangers.

For the last one week or so that I have been checking out mysecret.co.ke, I have come face to face with the other side of Kenyan cyberspace. The lewd, freestyle, sex-crazed one. All those saints over at the Kenya Film Classification Board would faint if they browsed through the hundreds of posts and comments made on mysecret.co.ke daily.

The site works well on both desktop and mobile.

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UPDATE: there’s now a mobile app for Android devices on the Play Store. It’s basically the mobile website, nothing much.

Headed there now…I hope my secrets are not public there…

Update: mysecret.co.ke died.

Yet I was just about to check it out. tsk.

http://Myscrets.co.ke is Back!!!

I remember someone wrote a code that updated the site every few seconds it made the site unusable, will they hit again

It’s back now hebu check out: https://www.confessions.co.ke

Interesting developments here, what’s up @lizkaranja2030?

The admin of this Website, Liz, has been arrested. She faces two counts for hate speech and contempt of court. It started as a facebook joke and ended up in jail. She will be arraigned in court on Monday.

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Haha…am back. Am ok. I like being branded the admin of that site. I just like it. But apparently am now the admin!! But i must confess i have shared far too many secrets of mine there. I normally feel relived when i share it out.

Next time you should leave them with a secret tag so that we can tell it is you

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This was short lived!

I think if you are going to start such a site, don’t do it on a .ke domain, then have a long term plan of sustaining server resources. Like getting betting ads on it as soon as you can.

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Is there a site like that anywhere? The idea of the site was iconic. Hii ukipelekea wazungu it can be an instant hit.

They have voat. co

There already exists one- kind of >> Whisper

damn i missed this. Came late to the party