Has anybody used the General Mobile 4g?

LTE, 13MP, Nougat, 2GB ram all for Sh. 10,500.

Jumia link - https://www.jumia.co.ke/general-mobile-gm-4g-androidone-5-16gb-2gb-ram-13mp-camera-4g-lte-dual-sim-black-227528.html?gclid=CO3K47et2dMCFVAo0wodf0YGoQ

Just checked it out. This is a really good deal, at least from a specs point of view.

The SoC (processor) must be quite slow on this phone because I don’t see how they could have such specs and a good processor as well. If I’m looking for a phone, the processor must have enough oomph for my needs. It makes little sense to have super fast internet but your processor struggles to keep up. Luckily newer generation processors perform well on light tasks like web browsing but don’t even try to play intensive 3D games. Look at the processor and Google which year it was launched. If it’s from 2015 onwards, it doesn’t matter if it looks slow on paper. Don’t go for any processor older than that.

Its an Android One device, so maybe it has a good processor but the price was subsidized in order for it to carry the tag, “Android One”

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 which was launched in 2013. That’s a quad-core processor with ARM Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz and adreno 306 GPU. That’s the definition of weak in today’s standards. They should have gone with Mediatek because for the price Qualcomm must have charged them, they’d have a much more powerful piece of Sillicon.

Android One is a range of phones designed to be sold to poor people hence they usually pack weak hardware. The only benefit they get is timely OS updates because they use Vanilla Android and receive OS updates directly from Google. High end devices that Google officially supports are in the Nexus and Pixel range

Dec 2013, so basically 2014. The SD 410 is not a bad processor and I prefer MSM processor to MTK ones due to the GPU and image processing tech.

I would not user the words “poor people”. Emerging markets covers it better.

Point of correction, only Nexus devices received updates directly from Google. Android One on the other hand, received software support from the OEMs for two years, a guarantee an OEM had to give before getting the license to brand a device Android One.

Pixel is created by Google, so of course they get software support.

Still, more than 3 years separate it from today’s technology. The Snapdragon 410 and Adreno 306 were designed to be energy efficient - not performers.

No harm done as long as you know what I mean.

I stand corrected. I remembered reading something about Android One devices getting timely updates, just didn’t remember how it was structured.