Has Aldo Mareuse Made Any Mention of His Resignation at Telkom?

It is sad to see Aldo Mareuse leave. He has accomplished a lot in less than 2 years than all the CEOs Telkom/Orange has had combined.

That said, I’m wondering why he hasn’t made any mention of his resignation. Ama amesema something about it na ni mimi niko nyuma?

If he hasn’t made any mention about it, I suspect something is off somewhere. By the way, when is Bob Collymore’s contract coming to an end?

We know what Vodacom did when Rene Meza put up a spirited fight against Safaricom back in the days.

No he hasn’t, just deleted his Twitter bio to clear references of Telkom Kenya. He’ll probably go back to Helios where he came from. We are yet to understand the reason for his replacement, maybe we will soon. But also, I view it as a positive thing to have Telkom Kenya as the only telco with a Kenyan CEO.


I don’t think having a Kenyan CEO changes anything… Kina microsoft and Google have Indian CEOs but it doesn’t make them less American.

I just hope a Kenyan CEO won’t be easily influenced by corrupt politicians and business people into bankrupting a state company… like Uchumi… and KQ :smirk:

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I am also very curious as to what transpired behind Telkom walls.

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Did it have to be Mugo Kibati?

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Kenyan love gossip which really has no impact on your lives.So now that the ceo has quit,what impact will it have on your lives apart from gossips to be shared on the inter webs?

Some of us are investors. If Telkom gets a good CEO, it affects Safaricom’s market share. If Aldo was good at his Job, then its bad for Telkom (good for Safaricom and its investors). Knowing as much as possible about such matters(why Aldo left, was Aldo good at his job, Is Mugo Kibati a good replacement etc.) will affect the investment decisions we make.


I’m just speculating here but he might be heading to Safaricom…

This is what Bob said in the 1H2019 call…

“The other thing we are disappointed about – because I do not want you to think we are sitting here being pretty happy with the results – is that we were not really able to deliver extending the M-PESA geographic reach. But we are hoping to have something to tell you by the time we come back to talk to you in six months’ time at the full year. One of the reasons that we have not been able to do that is because we are not really that well equipped.We do not really have the M&A skills in the business, and we are currently recruiting that. Today we also announced a restructure in the organisation creating a role called a Chief Business Development Officer. So there will now be one person who reports to me who is in charge of driving that kind of business.”

Aldo has significant experience in M&A.


Safaricom already hired for that role, so Aldo is not it.


I thought those are two different roles…the development officer and the "M&A role but you are right it’s one.

“Collymore said Mallowah will take over responsibility for Alpha, Safaricom’s innovation unit and will lead geographical expansion opportunities including Mergers and Acquisitions activities.”

Oh, right. Yes. But even then I’d be really surprised if it was Aldo going to Safaricom.
But to add to that, even though the two may not be related, I have heard something like MJ could have gone back to Safaricom as board chairman.

These people won’t let MJ rest?

It’s good to have a Kenyan as the CEO of Telkom but why hire someone who is CEO of tons of other companies?

Unless the CEO is Elon Musk, I don’t see such CEOs giving it 100%. Some these CEOs that run other companies are out to make money and leave.

Just read the comments. You might change your opinion.