Has Airtel adopted two 4G bands?

My Samsung C9 pro which supports only B3(1800) recently connected to Airtel 4G which I previously presumed ran on (800). Fulll bars outside the house, 1 or 2 inside(Ground floor)
So did Airtel adopt both bands ama?
The speeds are good.



wow so they now have band 1,3 and 20

I used to get 200kbps last year. This year on Airtel I am averaging 40mbps.


The download speeds are good but the upload speeds is still a mess hopefully that improves too

Airtel really going hard. Saw this post and put the Airtel SIM card. Have been connecting to the 2100MHz band throughout sijaconnect kwa 1800MHz. Indoors speeds are shakey, going up to 12mbps then settling at around 6mbps. Outdoors is where all the fun’s at. 36mbps down

Hmmm so its true,Airtel 4G speeds are improving…will test them out shortly

If only they continue improving… Saf would be in trouble…
If only wishes were horses…

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Guys have already talked about this

But you’re also picking up Band 3 (1800Mhz). What’s cooking at Airtel???

Seems like they’re maximizing on the performance of 4G+

C9 pro has both band 1 and 3 check and confirn to see which band you are on so that we can be sure with band 3

Wasn’t aware that C9 Pro actually supports Bands 1 and 3. So I just checked and its actually connected to Band 1 not 3.

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