Hard Questions: What Data Does Facebook Collect When I’m Not Using Facebook, and


  1. Facebook tracks everyone online regardless of whether you have an account or not. Although to be fair a lot of other big tech companies practice the same (Twitter, Amazon and Micro$oft are mentioned in this post).

  2. If you have to use social media then tighten up on your privacy settings. By default a lot of settings are opt out which works in favour of the tech and ad companies.

  3. Use an adblocker. uBlock Origin is hands down the gold standard for any modern browser.

  4. Bonus point, the Facebook Container for Firefox makes it more difficult for your browsing activity to be linked to your social media account.

What bugs me is the data it collects when I have not even opened the account on any tab. This is shown through advertisements that appearon my Instagram account immeditaely I google the same on my computer.

Instagram and Facebook openly share data as sister companies. IMO what would be worse is if Whatsapp, which is also part of Facebook, were to link phone numbers with Facebook users.

Without strict data privacy laws us as consumers will continue to be abused.