Government Social Media and Forum Monitoring

So recently I came across this text doing rounds on whatsapp today 8th April, 2017

"Ministry of Interior Regulation

From tomorrow onwards there are NEW communication regulations.
All calls are recorded
All phone call recordings saved
Whatsapp is monitored
Twitter is monitored
Facebook is monitored
All social media and forums are monitored

Inform those who do not know. Your devices are connected to ministry systems. Take care not to send unnecessary messages. Inform your children about this and to take care."

My question is, how possible is this considering Whatsapp chat encryptions, Telegrams secret chats and its other security features, not to mention I recently started using a VPN app on my phone, i’m i still vulnerable to Govt monitoring? I’m having my doubts

I hear they are also monitoring Techweez forums! :wink:

Seriously, there’s no such thing as “Ministry of Interior Regulation”. This is just a wind-up :smiley:

…and as the US NSA has discovered, when you monitor everything, it’s impossible to sort out serious threats from the general ‘noise’.

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I think they ment Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government Regulation

surveillance is all too real,all these apps and platforms have had backdoors for ages,there is nothing like encryption on these apps,the best communication apps with true end to end encryption are the serverless apps that do not need to link with a thirdparty servers at facebooks or telegrams datacentres.Apps that communicate over the local network or internet without any relay servers and find each other through nodes like torrent network or tor network.Reality is we are all vulnerable to govt monitoring so be careful of what you say or do…With newer hardware and software deployed by NSIS and backing from NSA/GCHQ,dodging surveillance is getting harder and harder by the day.

Give us examples of these serverless apps, and are they on playstore?

yes,firechat is available on the playstore,sign up and you are good to go…works with internet and offline via bluetooth/wifi radios being on(through nearby feature) ideal for protest situations,disasters where network infrastructure has collapsed and in remote areas to keep in touch with friends over a small distance…the others are bleep by bittorrent,also available on the playstore,works over local network and internet via torrent protocol(acts as nodes)…messaging on these apps is encrypted and bleep has a whisper feature similar to snapchat where messages and images disappear after a while.

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