Gotv hd broadcasting

Do gotv air any channels which are in hd

Unfortunately, GoTV broadcasts in SD quality. Unless kama wameleta HD Decorders na hatujui.

i read somewhere they have hd decoders and also in the product description in apps like jumia the new decoders are described as hd ready

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Wow. This is Amazing news. @martingicheru and team a review post will do. I have done some digging and found a 2018 article on some Nigerian blog. If that’s the case, then all Maisha Magic Channels should be in HD.


If this is the case, its great… Hopefully their supersport select channels are in hd

Unfortunately, they do have separate channels for SuperSport in HD in DStv only.

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I understand they only sell SD decoders in Kenya.


After reading the comment by @Moseh , checked Jumia and saw one. I might upgrade to see how it works but not any time soon.

If they’re not sold officially by GoTV locally, then that means SD quality will still be the norm.

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Had a chat with them. They don’t sell HD ready decoders. So hizo jumia ni ma gray imports

They also dont sell any GoTV decoders with an HDMI port so ata HD iko out kabisa.

Doesn’t the fact that they don’t sell locally also simply mean they don’t broadcast in HD in Kenya, but they do so in Nigeria…

So if you were to get the HD Decoder, in Kenya you will simply get what is transmitted (SD)

They had a HDMI one, I own one. Sadly, there are no HD channels yet :sleepy:

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Am I the only one who doesn’t care about TV…? :thinking: I watch terrestrial broadcast like once a week, mostly the news and that’s it.

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I watch Terrestrial Broadcast once in 3 or 4 Months…If there’s some trending news…:sweat_smile:


I like to watch TV late in the night while relaxing. Not a movie person at all but I prefer documentaries and crime scene investigations. Most of the times, the good ones are broadcasted deep at night.

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waa okay, so for hd viewing the best option is dstv …is there a cheaper option, do the other decoders like bamba air in hd

okay…what about the big channels like citizen, ntv…u mean they dont broadcast ih hd

Local Stations only broadcast in SD… Kiss TV tries, but still not in HD…

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Only DSTV. It is also cheaper costing 1200 for several HD Channels. Startimes is about 1500.

720p is nolonger HD (per Youtube) and I concur. Kuzoea higher resolutions sio poa. I am used to 1440p res on a 1080p TV mpaka nikiangalia a 1080p steam naona nimecheswo.