Got Windows 10 Issues? Unburden your stress here

Have you installed Windows 10 and it broke your PC? Are you having driver issues? Or do you have problems finding that feature that you loved in Windows 7?
This is place to unload all your Windows 10 stress, and someone from the Techweez community will help. If they cant help, they will remonstrate with you.

For a start, it’s been 2 months now since my Mail app last worked. I always hope it will work every time I get a Windows 10 update alert (since Microsoft decided it won’t be telling us what every new update is about anyway) but end up being disappointed immediately. When it worked, the Mail app was one of the best I had on my computer. I even stopped using my browser for Gmail purposes. Then it stopped working. The Windows Store which stopped working alongside the Mail app has since been fixed and it works fine but the Mail app…

Try these two solutions to solve your Syncing Options:

  1. Allow the Calendar App and People App to access the Mail app.
  2. Remove all accounts, then re-add them

I’ve installed Windows 10 on many devices for people. I’ve noticed that usually Dell computers have problems with display drivers. It’s so freaking furstrating :frowning: even after using Driver Pack for some Dell laptop, I still can’t install the display drivers. I tried downloading it from the internet but it says that the driver is already installed! :angry: The display looks like a stretched 240p video or something running at 800x600.

Those problems aside, the worst problem or the one that I care about the most is that you can’t stop or postpone updates from downloading, it finishes my Internet Bundles and gives me a massive hit on internet speed.
I hope Microsoft fixes some of these issues. :wink:

Dell’s definitely have driver issues. They limit driver update support to get users to buy new computers. The best way to update a Dell PC (especially those that came with Win7) is to NOT to fresh install. The existing drivers from the previous OS will be used in the Windows 10 OS.
In the event that the drivers still don’t install, got to Device Manager, uninstall the drivers and device. Then reboot and let Windows track down the new drivers. This works especially well for getting Windows Hello to work with Dell Fingerprint scanners.

Sadly, I’ve already tried all of those and it hasn’t worked.

I believe the OEMs have a huge part in the experience of the OS when the upgrade comes. They are responsible to make sure the new OS version works well. Guess here’s where you want to always stick with the guys who have their mind in it fully. Like I know Lenovo will get updates in time, Samsung has SKUs they’ve stopped supporting.

With that you best stick with Windows 8 or even 7.


I guess I’ll have to.

Don’t give up that easy. Have you tired installing the drivers that came with the device (using compatibility settings)? You can get the original drivers from the Dell Support page (enter the PC Service Tag). If your device has Intel HD graphics, then getting the drivers should be very easy.
If your display has very low resolution, then the PC is using the Microsoft Basic Display adapter (meaning it cannot find the Intel HD drivers).

I tried installing them for a DVD I got with the laptop; it has compatibility issues. The driver manager in the DVD can only go up to Win 7 x64.

I had all those settings enabled already. I deleted the two other email accounts (since you can’t delete the primary Microsoft one anyway) and re-added the Gmail account. Mails synced well but the Microsoft account… nothing. After exiting the app and relaunching it, I was back to square one, the Mail app was just not syncing anything.

Well, i tried windows 10 and i didn’t like it. I loved windows 8.1 more and i went back to it after a week. Windows 10 is Over-hyped though that’s how things are done nowadays. I couldn’t get official drivers that worked well compared to Windows 8.1. I hope after some time everything will be updated and that’s when i might try it again, maybe December or January. I haven’t completely lost hope.

What device is this you upgraded it on?

I upgraded it on hp 450 G1

This could be an OEM issue, HP hasn’t readied that device for Windows 10 going by this.

So after installing KB3106932 on Saturday night, the Mail app is working again. Surprisingly, the main account (the Microsoft email one) is nowhere to be seen. It was deleted. I managed to add my Gmail and mails are syncing. 4 days going strong now.

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Windows 10 Build 10586 has some nice features,i am excited about the Messaging app and its skype integration.Although it still needs a lot of work before it evolves to become like imessage for OS X


Everything looks gorgeous after grabbing Win 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586 update, but leaves a WiFi connection problem. Could be a driver compatibility issue, I don’t know. On reverting to a previous build everything goes back to normal (where normal here means I can connect to a WiFi network) Also, downloading the said update is painfully slow even on a stable internet connection. Anyone else getting this?

Have you applied the latest update? released on 12/08/15. KB890830

Also, are you using VPN software?