Google's Best of 2015 Apps and Games - Which ones have you installed and used?

The year is ending and as usual, Google has released its list of the best applications of 2015.
Here’s where to find them:

  1. Best games of 2015

  2. Best apps of 2015

As you will see, some of the apps and games are regulars on that list while some are new and have been top grossing for most of 2015. The regulars on the list include Nova launcher, Truecaller and Swiftkey keyboard while new ones like Need for Speed: No Limits also make the cut.

Of the apps and games that made Google’s list, which ones do you have installed? Which ones have you used? I found that I’m well versed with all the apps and a few games (I only play a handful of games all the time and I’m not quite the explorer). Of the games, I’ve only installed and played NFS No Limits. Of the apps, I’m using half of them at the moment.

Predictable, 5 of these are “get beautiful” apps. How many of these do you have installed?